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STS Cookin'

A weekly offseason series focusing on food for tailgates

STS Cookin': Pork Tenderloin with Hash

Today we look into a classic tailgate dish of pork tenderloin, but with an added twist of a root beer glaze. This is served alongside a tasso and cabbage hash.

STS Cookin': Abita Wild Rice & Cheese Soup

With cold weather continuing to make us all hate winter, we look at a recipe that is guarenteed to warm you up, wild rice and cheese soup.

STS Cookin': Chili

In our second edition of STS Cookin', we explore the vast world of chili with a unique recipe using brisket and bacon

STS Cookin': Chicken and Sausage Gumbo

In the inaugural edition of STS Cookin', we take a look at a Louisiana staple, gumbo.

STS Cookin': Making a Roux