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Clemson Basketball: 2014 Scholarship Roster

Position 2015 2016 2017 2018
Point Guards Rod Hall
Avry Holmes*
Wings Demarcus Harrison Jordan Roper Austin Ajukwa

Gabe DeVoe
Donte Grantham
Patrick Rooks**

Power Forwards Josh Smith Jaron Blossomgame#
Centers Landy Nnoko Sidy Djitte

* = Transferred from the University of San Francisco and will redshirt the 2014-15 season.
** = Redshirted 2013-14 due to injury
#= Redshirted 2012-13 due to injury


  • I have combined shooting guards and small forwards rather than arbitrarily assigning players to one of the two positions.
  • I have kept point guard separate even though there are a few players who can fit into both point guard and shooting guard.
  • Remember, when looking at the wings, there are two starting positions there, not just one. also, DeVoe may play some point guard and Grantham may play some power forward.