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Football Film Review

Clemson vs. Syracuse: 2nd Quarter Film Review

It’s officially scary season

Clemson vs. Georgia Tech Film Review: 2nd Quarter

After weeks of struggle, the Tiger’s offense seemed to finally look somewhat up to par

Troy Film Review: 2nd Quarter

A painful look at the second quarter of a game we’d all love to forget.

Clemson vs Auburn Film Review: 4th Quarter

Auburn film review concludes with 4th quarter analysis and, of course, a take on Swinney’s 4th down decision.

Clemson vs Auburn Film Review: 3rd Quarter

The 3rd quarter was key in Clemson’s win over Auburn, we look at the film to see how they did it.

Clemson vs Auburn Film Review: 1st Quarter

Clemson vs FSU Offensive Film Review

Time to time travel back to a time where I choose to no longer live. Get the bourbon ready.

Defensive Film Review: Clemson vs. FSU

Defensive Review: Clemson vs. SC St.

Clemson vs SC State Offensive Review

Time to see if Danny Pearman can coach against a FCS team better than a pet rock.

Defensive Film Review: Clemson vs. Georgia

Offensive Film Review

Looking at the offense from the UGA game and seeing what the tape can tell us and where the deficiencies lie (hint: the line of scrimmage).

Clemson Defense Xs and Os Preview

Clemson Offense, X's and O's

Look at how these Clemson men shall dime the ball down the field. It's going to be wild yall.