LSU S&C Coach


Think Batson would have the guts to do this? Do you, as a Clemson fan even agree with this mentality? I do.

NC State Hires New S&C


Any word on this guy? Is NC State moving towards being a more formidable opponent?

Bielema a Hog


Bielema to Arkansas. I have to say I am somewhat surprised at this move. Seems lateral. I live in Big 10 Country and people have never been overly enamored with Bielema. He rubs people the wrong way after replacing Alvarez, whom a lot of people loved. He will play smashmouth football which tells you where the SEC is going. I think this is a positive for Chad staying one more year as TCU or OK. St. won't be looking for a replacement coach now and Wisconsin probably won't hire him. Auburn is going to have to hire someone big...

How Up Tempo Offenses Are Affecting Defenses


This site basically did what I did in the "Hurry Up Defense" fanpost last year except this is this year's version. He also posted the OC, record, and where the teams finished withing their conference. Nice little paragraph on the national championship contenders as well.

Our Answers to VT's The Key Play


Another blog Q&A with an excellent VT blog

October 20 ACC TV Schedule


We tee it up against Virginia Tech at Noon, UMd/NCST play at 3:30, and FSU/Miami get the primetime matchup. This should be no surprise, particularly with VPI essentially falling off the map to start this season.