NC judge does dismiss ACC case vs Maryland


Big step in the right direction in holding Maryland to the full dollar amount that was voted on. Maryland has 30 days to appeal.

From the Desk of Dan Radakovich


From, Clemson AD writes about new and potential upgrades for the baseball stadium, a new fund raising venture, discusses the new schools coming into the ACC and what it means for the ACC men's & women's basketball tournament, and also congratulates Coach Swinney on his football recruiting class.

Kevin Steele rehired at Alabama


Saban kicks off the new deregulation by hiring one of the best recruiters there is and putting him in a 'player development' role.

College Food Fight Tournament: Bracket of 32


Go vote for Cookout and Bojangles. Question why in the hell Chick-Fil-A, Cracker Barrell & Mellow Mushroom were put as SEC teams. Help give Krispy Kreme the recognition it deserves.

Big 12 Considering Alliance with ACC?


Per NunesMagician: We've most likely all seen the news so far about the potential business deal between the ACC and the Big 12 and presumably another unnamed conference. What are your thoughts on this happening, and where do you think this will lead our Tigers towards?

College Foot Fight Tournament: ACC Restaurant Represenatives


Per SBNation: It's time to crown the most college football restaurant chain in the land. Vote here for the ACC's seeds, and find the ballots for our other four conferences here.

A Powerlifter talking about Olympic lifting and sport performance


Here's an old article about olympic lifting for sport performance by Fred Hatfield (legendary powerlifter and Ph.D).



I'm going to try to post these when they show up, and remind you all of how dumb some of our fanbase is.

John Lovett Sighting


The Ville and Cincinnati still play each other next year right. Teddy might have a field day.

LSU S&C Coach


Think Batson would have the guts to do this? Do you, as a Clemson fan even agree with this mentality? I do.