ACC Network may get off the ground quicker than you think


Sounds like the ACC may buy out Raycom to get it's network sooner than later.

Alabama gives us a Turnipseed


One of Dabo's ex-teammates on the 1992 team has been hired at Clemson to help with recruiting and external affairs. He comes from an associate position at Bama where he ran facilities and special projects. Note he cannot recruit off-campus since he's not a coach, but on-campus activities and normal daily things are in his arena. Turnipseed will have management duties that include analyzing and organizing social media and organizing game-day operations. Honestly with his background I'm not sure where the connection to recruiting lies, since he hasn't done it in over a decade. I would think Brad Scott was more suited to such a role, but I'm supportive of adding additional staff.

From the desk of DRad


On the home front, after talking with various campus constituencies in the coming weeks, we hope to have some recommendations on the table at the Board of Trustees meeting in July regarding the future of Littlejohn Coliseum. In baseball, we have begun meeting with the architect to renovate the player development area. In football, the north suites are being completely refurbished inside Memorial Stadium. Good things are beginning to happen with our facilities. Last week, I attended the ACC spring meetings. One of the primary topics was the growing idea of an ACC Network. The grant of rights signed by the presidents opened the door for substantive discussion. Our partner, ESPN, is excited about the opportunity to create a network that will serve both entities well. The ACC will be able to provide good programming, with a number of sports excelling on the national level. We also discussed increasing the footprint of ESPN3, by providing more games within that growing platform. The new ACC bowl lineup will be slightly different than what fans have been accustomed to. It will not be a circumstance of a pecking order, but rather bowls will select from within a pool of qualified teams from within a conference. Much of it will be based on geography, avoidance of repeat bowl games and rematches, and things of that nature. The Chick-fil-A Bowl will no longer exclusively feature an ACC-SEC matchup because of its position as a host for the new College Football Playoff. They will take the teams sent to them by the committee. But it is important to point out that the ACC will not abandon playing in that game. Over a 12-year period, the ACC will, in many years, have a representative in that game.

Designer of Clemson's Paw passes away


CLEMSON, SC - John Antonio, 83, the designer of Clemson's Tiger Paw logo, died Thursday, May 30 in Greenville after a long bout with cancer. The native of Greenville, SC designed the logo in the spring of 1970 and it was introduced at six separate press conferences around the state of South Carolina, Charlotte and Atlanta, by Head Football Coach Hootie Ingram, Head Basketball Coach Tates Locke, All-ACC running back Ray Yauger and University Vice President Wright Bryan, on July 21, 1970. Frank Howard had just retired after 30 years as head coach and replaced by Ingram, and Locke had just been hired as the new basketball coach, so Edwards felt it was time for a change from an image concept as well. He hired Henderson Advertising in Greenville to work on a new athletic logo. Company President Jimmy Henderson had attended Clemson and took personal interest in the project. He gave the project to Antonio, who had worked with corporations on logos and public relations. He contacted every school in the nation and requested a copy of their Tiger logo. All were pictures or drawing in some form of a Tiger. Antonio then wrote the Museum of National History in Chicago and asked for a plaster-of-paris cast of the imprint of a Bengal Tiger's paw. This was sent to Henderson and a picture was made, slightly tilted about 10 degrees to the right. Antonio had a meeting with Clemson coaches and administrators in early summer of 1970 and showed the use of the Tiger paw on stationary, athletic fields and uniforms. Howard, then the director of athletics, was not impressed until Antonio pulled out an orange Clemson helmet from under the desk. He had affixed a white tiger paw to the helmet. It was unusual in those times to have any logo on a college helmet. "That helmet made a big impact on Coach Howard," Sports Information Director Bob Bradley recalled years later. "He was so impressed he wanted to bring that helmet back to Clemson and show everyone." Antonio's memorial service will be held at First Presbyterian in Greenville on Saturday, June 15 @ 1:30 PM.

Memorial Day Documentary - The Story Of Daniel Rodrieguez


Per - A happy Memorial Day Tribute to one of Clemsons own Daniel Rodriguez. Here's the story of Purple Heart and Bronze Star winner Sgt. Daniel Rodriguez, a six-year Army veteran who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan before becoming a Clemson football walk-on.

ACC-B1G Basketball Challenge Matchups Announced


Per & ESPN: The ACC-B1G Basketball Challenge matchups were annouced today. This years challenge matches 12 teams from both conference against each other, with 3 teams from the newly expanded ACC sitting out (Clemson, Virginia Tech, & Wake Forest). The matchups were based off of final 2012-13 RPI. Big matchups for this years upcoming challenge are Michigan @ Duke, UNC @ Michigan State, Indiana @ Syracuse, and Wisconsin @ UVA.

How excited would you be for an ACC Network?


SBNation: Martin Rickman (Blogger So Dear) & Mark Ennis (ESPNLouisville) return to discuss the potential of an ACC Network, potential product, and etc.

Donte Hill Declared Ineligible at ODU


Due to an exhibition game he played here before transferring. Not the fair decision by the NCAA.