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Travis Blanks Could Redshirt 2014 Season


You'll have to pardon me while I bring out my stick to beat the dead horse. It is absolutely terrible how many guys aren't able to recover from injuries, or take an extra year or two to do it. The only positive if this happens is that Blanks is taking the smart route rather than the immediate gratification one.

Paw Drills: 8/7/14


After seeing the Paw Drills from today, I'm worried that our D-line doesn't know how to wrap up and tackle.

Anonymous ACC Quotes


"This might be a year where Clemson’s defense is more explosive than its offense."

Athlon Sports

The Cole Stoudt Mannequin Prank


Clemson QB Cole Stoudt's amazing prank.

Clemson Football: Why We Work


Cool video, and I don't blame them for cutting it/using creative camera angles to make sure no one can critique form

Here's what really happened to Mike Reed in the men's room


Tigger the 8-ball tiger ain't about that kid n' play, Tigger bout that ASS n' play

FSU Freshmen Parody Artists??


Apparently this is being sold as a parody, which I am not sure I completely buy. They do have #IceJJimboFisherWave on the about of the video, which is similar to this awesomely bad #ICEJJFISH song (if you can call it a song). More likely, they made this video with their own lyrics and realized that the singing of the chorus where they repeat over and over again in really whiny voices "Gotta take it to the top" sounded a lot like IceJJfish. Then again they do reference reference/shout out to JJ Fish in the song. Maybe they are parody geniuses! Either way this is some hilarious stuff. Makes you realize how awesome our #WeTooDeep song really is.

Tempo: Chad Morris Style


If you ain't fast, you ain't first.