Sawchik interviews TDP


Worth reading to see what Sleepy has to say.

NCAA Baseball Attendance Rankings for 2010


Clemson, with the new additions in LF seating, ranks 7th.

Bowers to Turn Professional


No real surprise here, especially with all the coaching changes going on. Good luck to him.

Bellamy still "100% committed" to Clemson


I was a bit worried after yesterday of going to Tennessee. Looks like that won't happen unless we make a stupid OC hire.

RB Coach Andre Powell Fired, with Billy Napier


First domino falls. I had heard that Powell was headed out from a trusted source last night, but since Dabo said "This staff is the best in the country" I wouldn't put it out here. Hopefully this means the entire offensive staff will be gutted, because even though we supported Powell's firing last year, he was not responsible for this offense. Same source said that Friedgen was interested in the OC job, FWIW. Scout reports that Napier is out as well. We are going to proceed with the Position Reviews as planned, we'll evaluate Powell and the entire staff, but we'll now release Powell's review before NSD.

A Real Football Program


If you want to see a REAL football program, look at the Crimson Tide. I wish our administration wanted to win half as bad as these folks. Roll Tide, they have put in the necessary investments needed to win and the powers that be in T-Town have highlighted the fact that they will commit to excellence.

Three seniors have been chosen to play in the Senior Bowl, which is generally comprised of...


Three seniors have been chosen to play in the Senior Bowl, which is generally comprised of prospects who aren’t guaranteed first-rounders but are in the tier of projected high-round picks, Clemson247 has learned. Those players are safety DeAndre McDaniel, defensive tackle Jarvis Jenkins and cornerback Marcus Gilchrist. McDaniel figures to go as high as the second round, while Jenkins and Gilchrist are also viewed as early to mid-rounders. The Senior Bowl will be held Jan. 29 at 4 p.m. in Mobile, Ala., and shown on NFL Network (as are its week of practices, to which NFL GMs and personnel big-wigs flock).

Strelow's 24-7. Hopefully they'll show out and make us look good on TV.

Bulls Recon Meineke Car Care Bowl Edition: Shakin the Southland talks Clemson Football


Per Voodoo Five: "We have a great Clemson site here on SB Nation called Shakin' the Southland, and FIGUREFOUR helped us out with an extended bowl edition of Bulls Recon. FF and I talk about Kyle Parker, Da'Quan Bowers, and whether or not we can get a third ACC coach fired in two years."

Tennessee Plans Facility Upgrades


UT is not playing around with its latest facility upgrade. This is further proof that constant, proactive visions and plans are essential.

Clemson legend Bill Wilhelm dies


The man who built Clemson baseball into what it is today passed this morning at the age of 81.