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Clemson Advanced Stats

Hurry Up Defense: 2015

It has been a few years since I posted anything about pace of play affecting defenses, but I feel this is a great time to revisit this right after our beloved Tigers defense finished #1 in the nation in Total Defense and F/+.

Clemson Basketball KenPom Analysis

We are now more than halfway through the ACC schedule so we look into KenPom's advanced statistics to better understand the 2014-15 edition of Clemson basketball.

Basketball Advanced Stats Refresher

Baseball has long used advanced stats to get a more accurate picture of players' performances. Basketball was next on the advanced stats wave. Ken Pomeroy's statistical tools known as KenPom are extremely useful as we analyze Clemson through each season. To get you ready for 2014-15, we review some of our favorite KenPom stats and glance back at the 2013-14 team.

Clemson Can't Score

Clemson is absolutely terrible in the red zone. It is not pretty to watch.

Clemson Advanced Stats: Everything Stinks

Our weekly look at Clemson's advanced stats means another opportunity to see how terrible the run game is.

Clemson Advanced Stats: Another Defensive Gem

Clemson's defense led the way once again.

We Have A Running Game?

Our running game actually did things. Excuse me while I go act confused for a while.

Running the Ball is Hard

This week we look at how Clemson's inability to run the ball showed up in our advanced stats.

Clemson - Florida State: The Advanced Stats Story

We look at what the advanced stats say about Clemson's trip to FSU.

Clemson Advanced Stats: Part 2

In part 2 we look at some of the more advanced statistics that we will be covering this season for Clemson.

Clemson Advanced Stats

We begin our look at advanced stats by providing an introduction to a few terms.