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Lethargic Tigers Ice Cold Against the Heels

NCAA Basketball: North Carolina at Clemson Ken Ruinard-USA TODAY Sports

If you wanted to see Clemson take the next step in its season, today wasn’t the day. The Tigers (outside of one player) slept walked in to Saturday’s game and dropped it’s first home game of the season, 65-55.

UNC shot 47% in the first but finished 41%. RJ Davis and Armando Bacot led UNC with 14 a piece with Cormac Ryan chipping in another 10. The Heels shot 35% from 3, which isn’t bad, but isn’t scorching the earth either. But when your opponent is pathetically shooting 1-18 for the game from 3, even a fairly pedestrian shooting day feels like every made shot is clutch.

As a fan of the team, the loss on Wednesday was easy to move a way from simply because Miami shot incredibly well. Even on your best night, it’s hard to beat a team shooting 75% and 2 players shooting nearly 100%. But today was starkly different,

I’ll start with the good. Ian Schieffelin was a warrior today. He played his heart out. He finished the day second among all scorers with 16 points and bulldozed his way to 11 rebounds. I want him to get his fair due because a performance like his should have not be squandered so badly today. Schieffelin has blossomed into a fantastic piece of the roster.

With that being said, he shouldn’t be the second leading scorer. As mentioned earlier, Clemson vomited out a paltry 1-18 showing from the 3 point line. The offense seemed stagnant even inside the arch. It seemed like a miracle that Clemson finished shooting a total of 36% which several shots not dropping in the paint. In the fashion Clemson fans have seen before, the Tigers didn’t hit a FG the final 6 minutes of the game. Joe Girard vanished, only scoring 5, PJ Hall scored well below his average with 10 on the night. Chase Hunter led all scorers with 17, but also made several passes and shot choices that seem suspect for someone this far in to his college career.

Now the Tigers are in a 1-2 conference hole and need to dig out of it to preserve a high seed. They have the talent to get back on track, but mentally they need show that they are serious. Otherwise, this weeks game in Blacksburg could be a similar result.

Go Tigers.