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Discussing (Debating) the Clemson Offense

We hopping on video and discussed what it will take for this offense to get back pre-2021 levels.

Syndication: The Greenville News Ken Ruinard / USA TODAY NETWORK

Drew and I synced up to discuss the 2023 Clemson offense. Below are a few key points from our conversation. If you want to dive deeper, check out the videos.

The offensive line brings back four starters and it looks like they’ll all be playing the same positions as last year. That is a big boost for the rushing attack.

Likewise the running back room returns both Will Shipley and Phil Mafah. The duo combined for 1,697 rushing yards last year despite having a weak passing game that allowed defenses to key in on the run. We debate an over/under here and land on different sides of the bet: Will Shipley and Mafah combine for 2,000 rushing yards? What we agreed on was that the rushing attack should be strong and if the backs can turn some of the 20-yard runs into 50-yard TDs it can be elite.

The passing game improved from very bad to mediocre last season. Switching QBs for the postseason certainly seemed to help, but it didn’t solve everything. Will a new offensive coordinator fix this two-year conundrum?

That naturally begs the question about the WR room and the role they’ve played in the passing game’s issues. I’ve been a critic of their play over the last two years arguing that it was hurting QB play more than the reverse. Of course, this seemed to swap back and forth at times, but injuries and disappointing play from the WR group is hard to deny. We debate another over/under here and again land on different sides: Will Clemson have a 1,000 yard receiver?

As Fall camp is rolling, it seems more and more like the WR room will determine how far this group can go. Antonio Williams is reliable, but even Coach Swinney has said “it’s going to start with Beaux [Collins].” One player making waves early in fall camp is Adam Randall. Drew is “All in” on Randall while I am in wait and see mode. He had just 128 yards last season across 12 games and didn’t have that “flash” moment. Of course, he was coming off an ACL tear and perhaps wasn’t 100%. He also had the other knee scoped this offseason. If he is now completely healthy, he could look like a different player. What are you expectations? Vote in our poll below and check out the videos for more:


How many receiving yards will Adam Randall have this season?

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    800 - 999 yards
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