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Clemson Lands Elite Texas Cornerback

Corian Gibson joins Clemson’s 2024 recruiting class.

Clemson added their 17th recruit to the 2024 class, Corian Gipson. I posted a video about what to expect from Gipson which you can check out above, but here are some of those thoughts in written format for those who’d rather read about it.

Gipson is the third highest-rated recruit in the class, behind only WR Bryant Wesco and LB Sammy Brown. It’s another big win for cornerbacks coach Mike Reed, and with Nate Wiggins and Sheridan Jones likely leaving after this season, it is a critical one. Fortunately, cornerback (along with defensive tackle) is one of the healthiest spots in Clemson’s program. They continuously bring in top cornerback recruits, develop them well, and see them drafted early in the NFL draft. Since 2016, Mackensie Alexander, Trayvon Mullen, AJ Terrell, and Andrew Booth were all selected in the first or second round.

2024 should boast a strong group of cornerbacks led by Toriano Pride and Jaedyn Lukas. You’d expect Shelton Lewis, Avieon Terrell, and Myles Oliver to provide the depth behind them initially, but I could certainly see Corian Gipson — who enters the program more highly rated than any of the 2023 CB commits — earning reps quickly. Tavoy Feagin and Ashton Hampton (who I’m very high on) join Gipson as cornerbacks in this class. Gipson is by far the most highly rated, but Feagin and Hampton are similarly highly rated prospects who had big-time offer lists as well. Cornerback is in an amazing spot for Clemson in 2023, 2024, and beyond.

The addition of Corian Gipson is also great news because it shows Clemson’s continued effort and success in building a recruiting pipeline in Texas; the Tigers beat out the Texas Longhorns for his commitment. It was only a few years ago that you seldom heard of Clemson being in the mix for anyone from Texas, but now the roster is filled with players from the Lone Star state. Cade Klubnik comes to mind, but don’t forget about RJ Mickens, Andrew Mukuba, Ian Reed, Harris Sewell, and Noble Johnson. To this point, there’s not a bust among them. The Texas football hotbed has been kind to Clemson.

Clemson has an outstanding defensive class coming in 2024. They could still potentially add a linebacker and/or defensive end, but if this is the last of the haul on the defensive side, that would be a great situation for them to be in too. They need to add another offensive lineman more than anything. Hopefully, we get some good news on that front soon.