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Clemson Recruiting Momentum Continues into 2025 Class

The Tigers have struck early for the 2025 recruiting class.

Video by Ryan Kantor

Five-star linebacker Sammy Brown committed to Clemson in early June, providing cause for celebration. Then four-star WR TJ Moore from Tampa committed. He isn’t a super speeder but he uses great body control and hands to create explosive plays. The hits kept rolling as then four-star now upgraded to five-star prospect Bryant Wesco committed. He is more of a speeder and is the highest rated WR recruit the Tigers have landed in two decades.

With 11 players already committed in 2024, the Tigers have the 9th rated class. Now, that momentum is rolling into 2025. The Tigers added high-four star running back Gideon Davidson from Lynchburg, VA. After two years of CJ Spiller missing on high-end RB recruits, he’s found his sea legs and landed two great ones in a row with David Eziomume for 2024 and Gideon Davidson for 2025. Both are track athletes (hence the immediate connection with CJ Spiller) that offer more than just speed.

Four-star 2024 prospect David Eziomume also plays some WR and TE and looks like a real threat as a pass catcher. He is fast, but he also seems to power through tackles and at least fall forward when going down. Gideon Davidson is an even higher rated four-star RB with faster track speeds. He also plays DB/safety so you know physicality won’t be an issue. His competition looked overmatched in the film so it is hard to tell if they’re just a lower level or if he is an absolute game-breaker, but it was impressive nonetheless.

Finally, after missing on a QB in the 2024 class, Clemson landed Blake Hebert (pronounced He-Bert) from Lawrence, Massachusetts in the 2025 class. I was extremely impressed with his tape. He connects on a lot of pretty over the shoulder throws, but says his eyes are his biggest strength. His film has some solid throws to the hashes and he seems to have the athleticism to take off and run when you need it much like Trevor Lawrence sneakily did. Here’s how he stacks up compared to past Clemson QB commits.

For as much as we’ve complained about how FSU has used the portal to close the gap on Clemson, the elite high school recruiting may just keep the Tigers ahead in the long run. This has been a mighty impressive June on the recruiting trail and we’ll hope the Tigers can keep the momentum going.

For a deeper into all of this check out the video below: