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NFL Draft Open Thread

Join us in discussing the NFL Draft.

The NFL draft begins on Thursday 4/27 at 8pm. The first day will cover the first round. Friday, the draft resumes at 7pm and covers the second and third round. Saturday, the draft resumes at noon and will run through rounds four through seven.

Here are the Clemson Tigers to look out for in the draft:

  • Myles Murphy: Near lock for 1st round
  • Bryan Bresee: Borderline first round pick. Could slip into second.
  • Trenton Simpson: It is hard for linebackers to go in the first round. Likely second rounder although third round is also possible.
  • KJ Henry: Third through fifth rounds are in play.
  • Davis Allen: Could go as high as the third round, but likely a bit later.
  • Jordan McFadden: Mock drafts are all over the place on McFadden. Fourth through seventh round are all in play.
  • BT Potter: Late pick likely
  • Joseph Ngata: Not projected to be drafted

Join us in the comments section below as we discuss the picks!