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Men’s Soccer Wins National Championship 2-1

Clemson United avenged their 3-2 loss to Notre Dame in the regular season to win the natty.

2023 Division I Men’s Soccer Championship Photo by Michelle Hutchins/NCAA Photos via Getty Images

Clemson United took home the program’s fourth national championship on Monday night in Louisville after defeating Notre Dame 2-1.

The opening goal came off a Brandon Parrish volley in the first half:

That goal would be followed up by none other than Ousmane Sylla in the second half:

The 2-0 lead would hold until the very last minute when a poor handball cost the Tigers their fifth tournament shutout. The 2-1 victory is all anyone will remember though, as the Tigers have now claimed their second national championship in three years.

Congratulations to the 2023 National Champs!