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Clemson Tigers 2023-24 Transfer Portal Tracker

Use this page as a hub to discuss recent portal departures from Clemson football.

Last update: 1-4-24

With the conclusion of the regular season, many players will now begin to announce their decisions to enter the transfer portal and seek playing time in a new location. Clemson has already seen several such announcements, and we’ll be using this page as a one-stop shop to keep you updated on all portal activities for Clemson Football. Please join the comments section for a hearty discussion.

This article will be updated as more names enter the portal.

Portal Decisions

  • QB Hunter Helms
  • OL Mitchell Mayes (to Charlotte)
  • TE Sage Ennis (to Florida A&M)
  • WR Beaux Collins (to Notre Dame)
  • CB Toriano Pride (to Missouri)
  • RB Domonique Thomas (to Georgia State)
  • S Andrew Mukuba (to Texas)
  • DL David Ojiegbe (to Pittsburgh)
  • WR Brannon Spector (Note: 2024 will be his sixth year and Clemson may not have offered him a sixth year of scholarship.)

NFL Decisions

  • DT Ruke Orhorhoro
  • LB Jeremiah Trotter
  • DB Nate Wiggins
  • RB Will Shipley


With Will Shipley and Brannon Spector not returning, Clemson is now at 85 scholarships allotted for 2024. We have given Coach Swinney a lot of grief over the years for not filling his roster completely, so now he deserves praise for filling his roster to the limit with 85 scholarship players. If there is a spring departure or two, a late transfer portal addition would be a welcome surprise.

Scholarship Count Update: