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Clemson Tigers vs. Notre Dame Fighting Irish: How To Watch, TV Schedule, Online Streaming

Syndication: South Bend Tribune Robert Franklin / USA TODAY NETWORK

Well it has certainly been a week. After another inept performance the Tigers are looking to do something positive this season. Especially after Dabo made a bit of an ass of himself.

Ahead of this season this NOtre Dame trip was going to be an opportunity for revenge. Now it is just an opportunity to get our butts kicked. There are a lot of reports about a change in practice culture this week. I’ll believe it helps when I see it. The fact that it would take that long to change the atmosphere is frankly shocking.

As for on the field. We’ll look to see if the offense can get out of its own way. Last week the lack of fumbles was nice, but 1 time is not a trend. And if anyone sees a functional OL on campus please let the coaching staff know.

As always join us in the comments, I have no clue what to expect anymore

Matchup: Clemson Tigers vs. Notre Dame Fighting Irish

Kickoff: 12:00pm EST


Streaming: Your favorite online provider