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Clemson Tigers vs. North Carolina State Wolfpack: How To Watch, Online Streaming, Live Gamethread

NCAA Football: Clemson at Miami Rich Storry-USA TODAY Sports

Welp, last week sucked. At this point the Tigers are playing for pride and the off chance that winning out gets them to another 10 win season. but a 9-3 regular season will be the worst season Clemson has had since 2014.

But today it is time for the Tigers to face off against our “friends” from NC State. The Wolfpack have occasionally been a thorn in the Tigers side, especially off the field thanks to their wonderful coach that we all love.

On the field, I’ve given up trying to predict things. I’ll just be happy if our offense doesn’t do anything mind boggling. It is a low bar, but I’m confident that our Tigers can find a way to tunnel under it.

Game: Clemson Tigers vs. NC State Wolfpack

Where: Raleigh, NC

Kickoff: 2:00pm EST

TV: The CW

Online Streaming: Pick your favorite streaming service

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