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Clemson Baseball Heads to Pittsburgh for A Conference Tilt

The Tigers will have a double header on Friday and finish up Saturday

Pittsburgh v Rutgers

Clemson at Pitt

Friday Game 1- 12:00 PM

Friday Game 2- 45 minutes after G1

Saturday- 3:00 PM


It was an up and down week in the world of Clemson baseball. On Tuesday the Tigers were spanked 16-7 by the Coastal Carolina Chanticleers, however if you take away Clemson’s disastrous first inning where three Tiger pitchers surrendered 10 runs, then Clemson would’ve won the game 7-6. It’s odd to see a game where your team hits 5 homers and yet you still have no chance because you got so far behind so early. But, that’s what happened and it’s best to learn and move on.

Wednesday looked better as Clemson knocked off Winthrop 10-2. It was nice to see the offense rolling, pitching doing better, and a comfortable win, but before anyone starts popping champagne, we do need to remember Winthrop has won all of 5 games this season.

So that brings us to Pittsburgh, PA, the land of putting french fries on sandwiches and drinking Iron City while yelling about the “Stillers.” The Pitt Panthers come in at 10-10, but with a meager 1-5 conference record. They took their series opener at Virginia Tech last weekend before losing the next two. They were swept by UNC the weekend before to open conference play. This week’s midweek contest against Kent State ended up being postponed.

To be honest, this should be a series we win, and maybe even sweep. But so far, this Clemson baseball team should do a lot of things that don’t get done. This could be what the doctor ordered after losing the series against Miami and the wretched performance against Coastal. I have concerns about our guys getting used to the cold there, not to mention a double header may allow Pitt a better chance to steal one early. Regardless, this should be an interesting series, and hopefully a successful one for Clemson.