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Clemson rolls North Carolina 39-10 to win the ACC Football Championship

Another Clemson Championship

ACC Championship - Clemson v North Carolina Photo by Eakin Howard/Getty Images

First Quarter Clemson 14 North Carolina 7

Clemson started out where they left off last week with DJ leading two three and outs. UNC’s first drive was like watching a hot knife go through butter as they easily marched down the field for a touchdown. Clemson quickly decided to bring Cade Klubnik in the game and a switch flipped. The Tigers marched down the field and Cade capped things off with an outstanding throw to Davis Allen. On the next drive UNC fumbled and Ruke Orhorhoro recovered the ball. Clemson got creative with a throw back pass from Phil Mafah to Cade to get Clemson in scoring position, and then Mafah punched it in for the go ahead touchdown.

Halftime Clemson 24 North Carolina 10.

Cade adds a rushing TD after throwing a bomb to Cole Turner for Clemson’s longest play of the year. Nate Wiggins continues his progress with some great defensive plays and a blocked kick. BT Potter nails a 52 yarder as Clemson goes to the half.

Third Quarter Clemson 39 North Carolina 10

The Nate Wiggins show continues. As UNC drives and looks to make thins close, Drake Maye throws a pick right to Nate in the red zone and he runs it back for a pick 6. Clemson tacks on a 2 point conversion with a fake field goal that lets has Drew Swinney score. Clemson stifles UNC, then has a nice touchdown drive that ends with a Will Shipley touchdown run from the 2.

Fourth Quarter Clemson 39 North Carolina 10

Clemson starts to empty the bench, which is refreshing given the lack of times it has happened this year. Hunter Johnson comes in at QB and hits a nice pass to Hamp Greene. Kobe Pace gets stopped short on a 4th and 1, but on the ensuing drive freshman cornerback Jeadyn Lukas picks off Drake Maye in the endzone. Tye Herbstreit takes a jet sweep for four yards. Cole Turner is the first Clemson receiver to have a 100 yard game.

This game was fun and absolutely what Clemson’s program and fans needed after last week’s debacle. As easy as it is to play the “what if” game in regards to playing Cade last week, I really want fans to enjoy tonight and focus on this positive outcome. It looks as if Clemson is not in as much trouble as many felt. There are still things that have to be addressed, but for right now, enjoy Another Clemson Championship.