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Clemson Too Much in the Second Half for Boston College

Tigers smother BC 31-3

Clemson v Boston College Photo by Maddie Malhotra/Getty Images

1st Quarter: Clemson 3 Boston College 0

Clemson breezes down the field easily on the first drive, but ends up settling for a field goal after Beaux Collins loses a would be touchdown pass as he heads to the ground. BC doesn’t have much going on the first possession, and their punter gets possessed by Ray Guy’s ghost and pins Clemson inside the 1. DJ then threw a horrendous pick, but fortunately BC missed the FG. Clemson’s DBs look lost against Zay Flowers. DL is getting pressure but not putting Phil Jurkovec on the ground.

2nd Quarter: Clemson 10 BC 3

Clemson’s offense continued to look stagnant for much of the quarter. Almost had a nightmare punt return when a Clemson blocker bumped into Will Taylor and caused him to muff the punt. Fortunately he recovered. Later in the game Aidan Swanson pinned BC deep. The defense held tough and forced a short BC punt which Antonio Williams ran back to the 27. Clemson powers it’s way down the field and Will Shipley scores a 1 yard TD.

Halftime analysis

Clemson’s defense line is getting to Jurkovec but can’t seem to get him down. DBs are settling in. Dabo looks angry. Need to just run BC into the ground.

3rd Quarter

Clemson forces BC to punt, then cruises for an easy touchdown featuring a great snag by Beaux Collins and Joseph Ngata pulling in a long TD. The defense continue to hound Jurkovec. He’s good at getting the ball off but is having less success. I think Zay Flowers will be some NFL team’s Debo Samuel next year. Clemson blocks BC’s field goal and moves down the field. The quarter ends with Clemson in the redzone.


First play of the 4th, DJ find a wide open Beaux for a touchdown. Up 24-3, Clemson sends in Cade for two plays and kind of throws the rhythm off. Clemson forces a Jurkovec fumble, but fails to do anything with it as BT Potter misses his second field goal of the season. XT has two sacks on the day in his first game back and looks as healthy as ever. Excites to see what he brings next week against FSU. Andrew Mukuba is having a rough night at corner as Dino Tomlin makes and impossible catch off ha head. Clemson goes hurry up, pass happy and DJ connects with Braylon Spector in the endzone. Jeff Hafley looks less than pleased with Clemson for doing that. BC will run out the clock.

Instant Analysis

Very happy with how the defense settle in and contain BC after some early struggles. Those defensive backs continue to grow up. Offensively, this one was a bit ugly but Clemson made the plays they needed to make. Florida State is going to be a big test for this team. Hopefully Clemson can get some of the injured guys healthy for that one.