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ACC Power Rankings: Orange Crush

Clemson is in the driver’s seat after a win vs Syracuse

NCAA Football: Syracuse at Clemson Anderson Independent Mail-USA TODAY NETWORK

1) Clemson

Clemson survived somehow against Cuse. People will talk about how the refs “gifted” the game to Clemson, but if you’re Syracuse and Clemson “gifts” you 5 turnovers, then you really need to put them away and not let the refs be a factor.

2) Wake Forest

After beating up on hapless Boston College, Wake gets a shot at Louisville. Wake really should use this opportunity to issue a historic beatdown as payback for Wakey Leaks.

3) Syracuse

Dino Babers seems like a nice enough guy, I guess, but I don’t care for his players. They talked trash all week, stomped DJ’s hand, grabbed at Cade’s face mask, and commented that “everyone knows we should’ve won.” Then they acted all offended when KJ Henry posted a tweet using Sean Tucker's #PL34SED hashtag. Overall just a program that acts like it’s top dog despite having little to back it up with. We’ll see if they let this one beat them twice as Notre Dame heads to the Carrier Dome Saturday.

4) North Carolina

I look away for 5 minutes and somehow UNC is ranked 21st in the nation. We’ll see if ol’Mac Brown can outfox Pat Narduzzi this weekend.

5) NC State

I was delayed in writing this (busy week at work) and had to wait for NC State to not choke against Virginia Tech Thursday night. The Wolfpack is down bad. Don’t get used to them being top 5.

6) Florida State

FSU is coming off a bye week and will host a resurgent Georgia Tech team.

7) Duke

Duke blew out Miami. It’s cruel when a big bad private school like Duke beats up on its little private school brother.

8) Louisville

Louisville looks improved and did beat Pitt. This means they’ll be irritating when they come to Death Valley in a few weeks because Clemson is apparently not allowed to have a stress-free win.

9) Pittsburgh

Desmond Howard’s playoff pick has not turned out too well. Shocker!

10) Virginia

Congrats to Tony Elliot for beating a GT team that had been playing well. A win against Miami this weekend and Tony taking the Cavs bowling may be in the cards.

11) Georgia Tech

Georgia Tech fell to UVA after Jeff Sims went out. This raises the question: where is Taisun Phommachahn? The backup that Tech played didn’t really inspire confidence in me and if nothing else I doubt Taisun will roll out of bounds to end the game.

12) Boston College

Boston College plays at UConn this week. Should be an ugly game to get your weekend started.

13) Miami

Woooh boy, the Canes aren’t looking great after getting blown out at home by Duke. Miami now heads to Charlottesville to face UVA.

14) Virginia Tech

VT almost upset NC State. The Hokies are still bad but are showing life. The main thing that salvages their season at this point would be beating UVA at the end of the season.