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Clemson Basketball: Notre Dame Game Postponed

You’ve got to be kidding me...

Clemson v Louisville Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Things were going too well for Clemson basketball, and the basketball Gods were angered and smote the Tigers with another dose of Covid plague to settle them down.

All jokes aside, hopefully this is sorted out soon and no one gets sick, or if they do, they have a quick and easy recovery.

On the basketball side of things, at least this isn’t new territory for Clemson? I suggest that whatever they did during the last Covid stoppage, do the opposite, because the first plan didn’t work.

On a positive note, the Tigers NCAA Tournament resume is pretty robust, with some key non-conference wins against Alabama and Purdue (somewhat) looking better by the day. This is looking more and more like a tournament team and I realize that typing this ensures a complete collapse in the coming weeks, but such is life as a Clemson basketball fan.

Here are some highlights from the Georgia Tech game via the official Clemson basketball account to lift your spirts.