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Clemson Early Signing Day Musings and Open Thread

Clemson v South Carolina Photo by Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images

In classic Clemson fashion, by the time this article goes up almost the entire recruiting class has signed their letter of intent and sent it in to the Clemson AD. At this point the lone hold out is LB Jaren Kanak. The 4-star player from Kansas has apparently had a crisis of confidence after the departure of DC Brent Venables. With Venables being Kanak’s main tie to Clemson it is understandable that he is getting cold feet, but unfortunate given the situation Clemson’s class is currently in.

Outside of that there aren’t any surprises, good or bad, that we expect to see today or during the rest of the Early Signing Period this week. But once the dust settles we’ll see what Dabo and the staff decide to do in the transfer portal and if there are any other guys we can recruit heading into the regular signing period at the beginning of February.

Clemson is currently holding their ESD studio show, you can watch here. We’ll have more on this class later today and through out the week. But while it is small we do want to point out that there is a lot of talent in this class, we just need more of it.

If we want to be happy we can always start discussing bourbon here, we’re gonna need it.