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Best Gifts for Clemson Sports Fans

Through our partnership with FOCO, we’re highlighting several Christmas ideas that the Clemson sports fans in your life will love — plus a 10% discount code.

As the holiday season approaches, we are leveraging our partnership with FOCO to highlight a couple of products that you and the other Tiger fans in your life may enjoy. As part of our partnership, we have a 10% discount code for our readers. Enter STS10 in checkout for 10% off your order (excludes new release/pre-order items).

Please use this link to see their full collection of Clemson products and make your purchase (so Shakin the Southland gets credit for your purchases). Below are a few specific items we’d like to highlight.

Clemson Memorial BRXLZ Stadium

Clemson is fortunate to play in a beautiful stadium and here’s a Christmas gift that celebrates that. Your or children can construct Clemson Memorial Stadium and put it proudly on display. (Age 12+)

Clemson Tigers Ugly Pattern Family Holiday Pajamas (Available in Mens, Womens, Youth, Toddler, & Infant)

One of FOCO’s biggest sellers are their line of pajamas. Bring some Christmas spirit with these PJs for the whole family.

Clemson Tigers Barrel Wall Clock

This one is a personal favorite of mine and one that is owned by at least two other STS writers. It’s got plenty of orange, but it is toned-down enough to work really well in an home office.

Clemson Tigers Colorblock Big Logo Gel Slide Sandals

These spirited slide sandals are perfect for the beach or stepping out for a quick errand on a hot South Carolina day.

Clemson Tigers Floral Boonie Hat

I am told this is a best seller. I think we have some commenters that would wear this daily. You know who you are. Don’t hide it. Embrace it.

Dansby Swanson Atlanta Braves 2021 World Series Champions Bobblehead

If you don’t know, FOCO is renowned for their super high-quality bobbleheads. I have a couple and they’re the nicest you’ll fine. This one isn’t Clemson — there are plenty that are — but I had to throw a bone to the Braves fans that read our site. I’m a die-hard Yankees fan, but I must admit I was extremely happy to see this team win the World Series without their best player. To do it against the Houston Astros made it all the sweeter. These bobbleheads are extremely detailed. They have them for all the big name players. They’re super detailed too — the Eddie Rosario one even has his weird eye brow slash thing. This one is available for pre-order so the STS10 discount code doesn’t work, but these sell out super fast. Get yours now.

Don’t forget to use discount code STS10 when making your purchase and use this link see their Clemson collection. Thanks for being a loyal STS reader!