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Clemson Basketball: R.J. Godfrey Breakdown

Clemson landed a crucial basketball commit this week.

Clemson v North Carolina

The Clemson Tigers continue their run of landing the progeny of famous NFL defenders with the commitment of RJ Godfrey (son of Randall), a 6-7, 225 pound low 4*/high 3*, top 150 recruit out of North Gwinnett High School (GA) this week. This time it was the basketball team pulling in a blue chipper with an impressive athletic pedigree.

Landing Godfrey is a huge get for Coach Brownell (with a crucial assist from Coach Antonio Reynolds Dean). Godfrey is the type of “ready out of the box” player that Clemson desperately needed in the 2022 class. At 6-7, 225, RJ wouldn’t look out of place in the ACC this season, and he’s still got a year of growth ahead of him before he hits the floor.

Style and size wise, he compares favorably to former Clemson star Jaron Blossomgame. Jaron wasn’t as filled out as RJ when he arrived at Clemson (partly because his lower leg exploded his senior year), but they share the same body type. Like Blossomgame, RJ is better at attacking the rim at this point in his career, but his skill set is a bit more advanced. Blossomgame didn’t develop his perimeter game until well into his Clemson career, while Godfrey comes with a solid perimeter skill set. He’s the epitome of a “positionless player.” He has the ability to play 1-4, but I think he settles in as either wing 3 or a stretch 4 in college.

The main weakness in his offensive game is outside shooting, but he more than makes up for that with his ability to attack off the bounce and clean up offensive boards. He also moves well without the ball. His movement without the ball stands out on the film I’ve watched. When he passes the ball on the perimeter, he’s always looking to cut to the rim. I love that.

His defense is ACC ready. He has long arms, quick feet, and uses his chiseled frame to bully smaller perimeter players and bang with bigger post players. I don’t think he’ll ever be a traditional 4 man for the Tigers, but he’ll have no trouble banging in the post on occasion. Once his shooting rounds into shape (and his shot looks good, just needs a little more confidence) I think he’ll be a star for the Tigers, along the lines of Blossomgame.

This was a big win for the Tigers, and it wasn’t without serious in-state and national competition. Georgia and Georgia Tech both wanted the North Gwinnett star and teams like Texas Tech, Utah, and Ole Miss were also in the chase for his services. This kid can ball out, and has the highest floor of any Clemson wing recruit in a while.

He joins the Chaunceys (Wiggins and Gibson) in Clemson’s 2022 recruiting class. Wiggins and Gibson don’t have the same hype as Godfrey, but both are long, versatile athletes capable of playing several positions. If all 3 can develop, Clemson could be devastating on the defensive end of the floor in a couple years.


Godfrey is good enough to have his own LaBwork video (these are great if you’re into basketball recruiting, which I know all Clemson fans follow relentlessly). Instead of a few clips from dude in the stands recording on his phone and yelling, you get meet RJ, watch him talk about his film, and do some other fun stuff. I highly recommend checking out the video.