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ACC Power Rankings: Constant Sorrow

Just why?

Syndication: The Greenville News Ken Ruinard / USA TODAY Network / USA TODAY NETWORK

1 Wake Forest (7-0): Wake kept the beat going by outlasting Army in a 70-56 shootout.

Wake gets a cake walk against Duke this week.

2 Pitt (6-1): We lost to a team that lost to Western Freaking Michigan. And Pat Narduzzi said this was “karma” for us not taking a knee or something last year. Look dude, you just got a win against the team that usually runs the ACC (albeit on the absolute worst down year possible) and you really want to draw attention to the fact you got pantsed 52-17 last year? Weird flex, but okay.

3 NC State (5-2): The NC State loss that would have helped Clemson creep back into the Atlantic division picture happened and it seemingly doesn’t matter now. State now hosts Louisville.

4 Virginia (6-2): UVA easily dispatched Georgia Tech. The Wahoos head west to face BYU.

5 North Carolina (4-3): NC had a bye weekend. They face Notre Dame on the road Saturday.

6 Clemson (4-3): This season is a dumpster fire but so is the ACC so we only drop to 6. I’m diagnosing our wide receivers with Miami syndrome. What is Miami syndrome, you ask? Well, a criticism I have had and documented in this article series over the years about Miami is that they’re players love living off the bad boy reputation if the U and doing a lot of the antics that the old Miami teams would do. Except the old Canes teams would talk their trash pre game and beat you down 48-0. Miami lately talks their trash and then loses or produces a mediocre with.

So what I’m seeing from our WRs is they come out with their handshakes, pre game dances, the WRU shirts, etc, and the proceed to play mediocre. They don’t block and barely catch anything (except covid). There really isn’t a known cure of Miami syndrome but you can start to treat the symptoms by putting the WRU shirts in the closet and making them earn them back, and having Mike Williams, Deandre Hopkins, Sammy Watkins, Hunter Renfrow, and the many other great alums hop on a zoom call and give this crew a talking to.

7 Louisville (4-3) : The Cards beat Boston College 28-14. Don’t look now but Satterfield’s program may give us fits in two weeks. They face NC State Saturday.

8 Boston College (4-3): BC has a chance to bounce back against Syracuse.

9 Miami (3-4): Huge win for the Canes to knock off NC State. Miami now heads north to face red hot Pitt.

10 Florida State (3-4): The Noles lit up UMass. Sets up the “big” matchup in Death Valley this weekend.

11 Syracuse (4-4): Well look at that. ‘Cuse beat Virginia Tech. Good on Dino for getting back on the horse the week after freezing his own kicker.

12 Virginia Tech (3-4): Poor Hokies. They have a chance for redemption this weekend in Atlanta for the Techmo Bowl with Georgia Tech.

13 Georgia Tech (3-4): GT lost to UVA. Now they’ll host Virginia Tech while the rest of Atlanta’s attention will be firmly on Cobb County and the World Series.

14 Duke (3-4): Duke heads to Wake on Saturday.