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BC Hate - It’s All Part of the Plan!

Clemson fans, you’ve got to trust the process!

Clemson v NC State Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Things are playing out perfectly for the Tigers this season. In one transitional season where the Tigers didn’t have a legitimate chance to win it all, Dabo and Tony have supplied the Tigers with enough ROY bus fuel to travel around the world twice, and ensured Dave Doeren is ensconced in Raleigh for the next decade. No one let Brent in on the plan, because he’s more of a checkers, try to win every game type, than 4-D intergalactic chess guy, but he’s got to be suspicious at this point. Seven 3 and outs against NC State almost gave the game away. Dabo and Tony had to go all-out (or ALL-IN, WHICH I’VE BEEN ASSURED SOME OF YOUR ARE NOT!) during their pressers this week to calm the waters and allow the plan to move forward without interference from their spirited, but ultimately simple minded, defensive coordinator.

This week is a little different for the Tigers. Jeff Hafley is a good(ish) coach, and could be a thorn in Dabo’s side moving forward. Unlike the NC State game, there is no benefit in having him stick around Chestnut Hill much longer. The question becomes, does losing to B.C. propel Hafley to another job or does beating Hafley knock the wind of out the B.C. sails and sentence the team to another “should have been better” season?

Folks, I don’t know the answer to these questions. Coach Swinney and Elliot get paid the big bucks to perfectly position the Tigers for their 2022 Championship Revenge tour, and I’ll cede to their experience. Maybe the Clemson brain trust decides it’s in their best interest to knock off Boston College, or maybe they decide to lose on homecoming to a team missing their starting quarterback to propel the ROY bus into the atmosphere next season.

While I’ll accept either outcome because I’m ALL-IN (UNLIKE SOME OF YOU LOSERS!) I’m in the beat Boston College camp unless we lose, and then I’m in the lose to B.C. camp for future gains camp because I’m ALL-IN (I CAN’T STRESS ENOUGH HOW DISSAPOINTED I AM IN SOME OF YOU!)

The Return of Matt Ryan

We’ve dealt with this Yankee scourge before folks. It ends with (checks B.C roster) Dennis Grosel being picked 1st overall by the Falcons and leading the franchise to one of the most embarrassing losses in Super Bowl history. I know, I know, Dennis Grosel doesn’t look like Matt Ryan, but Matt Ryan didn’t look like Matt Ryan until he knocked off the mighty Clemson Tigers.

Look at this face Tiger/Falcon fans.

Super Bowl LI - New England Patriots v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

This is the fate of your franchise if Dabo and Tony decide to let B.C. win this game. Some of you may respond with, “but Drew, I’m a fan of the Panthers!” and that’s how I know you’re not ALL-IN (UNLIKE ME, ALL-IN TILL I DIE BABY!) because no Clemson fan should ever cheer for the Tiger hating team residing in the inferior Yankee Carolina.


We know for a fact that Boston College have cornered the market in physical offensive linemen that enjoy nothing more than knocking defenders in the dirt, pretending to help them up, and then letting them fall back to ground while saying “all game baby, you’re going to be on the ground all game” in a thick Boston accent. Luckily for Clemson, we have no interest in that sort of linemen, but consider this scenario:

What if a 6’3” wide receiver with good long speed and a knack for winning 50/50 balls pops up in the Boston market that we want to turn into a slot receiver? What if we need another talented tight end to ignore and we’re head to head with Boston College for his services? What if the child of a prominent college football announcer, or worse yet, a distant relative of Dabo is looking for a place to walk-on and it’s between Clemson and Boston College? What if Danny Pearman finds a gem in the transfer portal and he decides to go Boston College instead because (checks notes) Clemson never offers him because we don’t do that new fangled sort of college footballing?

The consequences of allowing Boston College to win the game could be catastrophic to recruiting. Subsequently, I propose the following compromise. Clemson gets to win, while at the same time inciting the fan base and media.

Win Georgia Tech Style!

Beating Boston College in the same manner they beat Georgia Tech gives Dabo the best of both worlds. The haters (Looking at Y’all) will continue to hate, the press will continue to question Dabo and Tony. The ROY bus continues to be gassed up but Boston College misses out on a program building win.

All this takes is 3 exciting drives interspersed with another seven 3 and outs.

I’m thinking Clemson scores a touchdown on the their first drive of the game. The last drive of the 1st half, and the first drive of the 3rd quarter. These drives need to look easy and the offense must look fresh and innovative. I’m talking mesh routes, jet sweeps, back shoulder throws to Ross lined up as the boundary receiver, well blocked quarterback power, exploiting the seam with the tight ends, stuff. The 3 and outs need to look as inept as possible. I’m talking stuffed inside zone runs, wide receiver screens eaten up by defenders screaming “SCREEN, SCREEN, SCREEN” before the ball is snapped, and D.J. gunning the ball, over, behind, and between wide receivers.

The game needs to end with D.J. in shotgun victory formation after a bloody and battered defense bows up and stops B.C on a 4th and 1 from the 15. The snap needs to be airmailed, and D.J. needs recover the ball on the Clemson half yard line in a pile of B.C. defenders. The replay needs to take at least 20 minutes.

This sets Dabo up for a smoking post game interview where he talks about how hard it is to win football games, how the players didn’t execute the game plan on the 3 and outs, and the difficulty of taking snaps under center. Maybe pepper in a few “there were plays to be made, but we didn’t make them” to really rile up you haters. Tony can follow this up by telling people he’s never seen a defense use a 4-3 front with 2 safeties over the top. When asked why the 3 scoring drives looked totally different than the rest of the game, he’ll mention the importance of making layups. He needs to lay it on as thick with the most infuriating stuff imaginable for fans.

Clemson looking inept in the win does two things.

  1. Keeps the hate Dabo is planning to weaponize in 2022 flowing.
  2. Makes Hafley seem even more inept for losing to an absolute clown show.

In order for this plan to work though, it’s up to y’all to keep the pressure on. I need Dabo calling you out by name as not being ALL-IN (unlike myself, the most ALL-IN dude on the planet).

I’ll see you haters after the win.