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Clemson Football: Several Players Unavailable for Tonight’s Game

“We Too Deep” will be put to the test against Wake.

College Football Playoff National Championship - Clemson v LSU Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

I suppose the new normal for this season is going to be late player scratches and coaches scrambling to fill holes they didn’t expect to fill 24 hours previously.

The Athletics’s Grace Raynor has been the bearer of bad news today, and it’s taken her several tweets to convey how short handed the Tigers will be tonight.

Clemson appears to be missing

Mario Goodrich

Derion Kendrick

Michael Dukes

Chez Mellusi

Xavier Thomas

Justin Thomas

Demonte Capeheart

Etinosa Reuben

Hunter Rayburn

Mason Trotter


I’m not sure all of these are Covid related. Etinosa, for example, has been out for a little while with a wrist injury and was doubtful. Y’all say a prayer for Cade Stewart, because if he gets hurt, one of the Swinney boys may be snapping the ball to Trevor.

Clemson’s depth will be tested at corner and defensive end tonight. Let’s hope the 2019 recruiting class is as good as advertised, because they’re going to play a huge role tonight at a few key positions.

Just a guess, but I anticipate a depth chart that looks something like this on defense.

CB: Andrew Booth

S: Nolan Turner

S: Lannden Zanders

CB: LeAnthony Williams/Sheridan Jones/

MLB: Jake Venables

WLB: Baylon Spector

LB/Nickel: Mike Jones

DE: K.J. Henry

DT: Tyler Davis

DT: Jordan Williams/Nyles Pickney/Bryan Breese

DE: Justin Mascoll/Myles Murphy

The key thing to keep in mind is that Trevor and Travis are ready to go.

I’m not worried.