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NFL Film Reviewer Critically Evaluates Trevor Lawrence

The latest from Alex Rollins is an in-depth breakdown of Trevor Lawrence.

Alex Rollins

Alex Rollins, whose YouTube channel breakdowns down college players film from an NFL perspective, has made his way to evaluating Trevor Lawrence.

His analysis goes into great detail in highlighted his strengths as well as potential weaknesses at the NFL level. He praises his “surprising speed” and ability to “make awkward off-platform throws on the run” that create “jaw dropping moments.” He also says he has “stellar mechanics” and a “fluid throwing motion.” Rollins highlights a play against Texas A&M to demonstrate these strengths.

He also digs into several other plays in which Lawrence misses the read and finds some common threads between them. The criticism helps explain why some Clemson fans felt passing plays were overly focused on outside throws and tight ends and slot receivers seemed under-utilized.

Importantly, he concludes that he has “no doubt” he will play well against college defenses but wonders if he’ll show progress on some of his flaws. He concludes by suggesting “he can take the next step and elevate his game to be worthy of the #1 pick.”

Check out the full breakdown here:

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