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Challenges Clemson will need to overcome to return to the National Championship

There’s a concern or two for the 2020 season.

Ryan Kantor joins MarkRogersTV to discuss Clemson roster concerns.

July is always the toughest month for content on a college sports blog. Typically, the College World Series is wrapped up in June and there’s nothing from then until the start of college football. The bulk of previewing the upcoming football season doesn’t happen until August. This offseason has been even tougher with the abrupt end to college basketball, almost no college baseball, and questions about what the college football season will look like.

Nevertheless, I joined Mark Rogers TV today to talk about something other than COVID-19. We discussed some challenges Clemson will need to overcome to return to the National Championship. Check it out in the video above.

Additionally, I was very disappointed by some of the things being said about Coach Swinney a few weeks ago. I wrote a rebuke of that criticism which I hope you’ll read here. Kudos to the fellow writers who collaborated with me. Your help was the reason I was able to address this sensitive topic appropriately.

Hopefully, this weird and trying offseason can end with us watching Clemson football in September – even if it is mid-September playing in pods. Please be safe and responsible until then. We’ll turn the corner eventually! Keep the faith.