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Tee Higgins Drafted by Cincinnati Bengals with 2nd Round Pick in 2020 NFL Draft

College Football Playoff National Championship - Clemson v LSU Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images

While Tee Higgins didn’t get picked in the first round he didn’t have to wait long in the 2nd round. The Cincinnati Bengals drafted Higgins with the first pick of the second round. The Bengals have added the explosive WR to go with #1 overall pick QB Joe Burrow

Many fans were surprised that Higgins went behind several late first round WR picks, but all of them that had one elite trait. Higgins may not have that, but he is always going to catch the ball, especially on the outside. With AJ Green returning from a freak injury Higgins won’t be forced to match up against the #1 corner against most teams, but he could present defenses with a mismatch if he develops as we may expect.

The Bengals are getting an absolute physical specimen of a WR with some excellent speed to go along with his height. If Higgins and Burrow can get on the same page the Bengals could have an excellent partnership for the next decade or more.