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NFL Draft Profile: Isaiah Simmons

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He’s considered a deadly weapon in fourteen states

Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Meet Isaiah.

See Isaiah run.

Run, Isaiah, Run.

Watch Isaiah cover.

Watch Isaiah sack.

See Isaiah attack a quarterback.

Standing 6’4, weighing 240, and running 40 yards in 4.39 seconds, football player Isaiah Simmons is like no other man in this draft. He’s like no other man I’ve ever seen in any draft, if I’m being honest.

I say football player because he doesn’t really have a position, sure he’s listed at linebacker, but he does it all. And not in that “he’s a jack of all trades!” way people talk about a player that isn’t particularly good at anything.

Last season he played over 100 snaps at five different positions, and excelled at all five. He is the renaissance man of defensive football. On any play he could cover WRs, RBs, or TEs, rush QBs, invent a flying machine, or shut down a read option. Did I mention he used to run track? Opposing offenses will always be guessing, something that is a necessary ability from a defender in today’s game.

He’s not without his flaws, though. Often times versatile players fail to translate to the next level (it’s the same problem some dominant high school players have when going to up to college). And football-wise Simmons has a tendency to use arm tackles or get caught up by blockers when blitzing.

Taking Simmons is not something done lightly, either, you can’t just slot him into an established role. The team that takes Simmons should expect to spend a lot of their time indoors building a scheme for him – they should look at him as a cornerstone. If done well by a diligent DC, we’ll soon look back at Simmons as a foundational piece in an elite defense.

I could see Simmons going to any team in the top 10, really, it’d be quite a shock if he drops past Cleveland at #10. My personal bet is that he’ll be picked 3rd overall by the Lions or 4th overall by the Giants. Both teams have a lot of needs on defense and Simmons could be the star they’re looking for.

Then again, Derwin James and Isaiah Simmons on the same team sounds awesome.