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Clemson vs. Ohio State Sugar Bowl Preview - Around the Oval Podcast

In this episode of Around the Oval, Ryan Kantor of Shakin the Southland and Alex Gleitman of preview the Sugar Bowl. They start by comparing this year’s Clemson’s team to the one that beat the Buckeyes in the Fiesta Bowl last season. They then explore what was so different the second time around against Notre Dame before debating the merits of Dabo Swinney ranking the Buckeyes No. 11 in the Coach’s Poll. After all that, they spend the bulk of the podcast delving into the nuts and bolts of this matchup and conclude with their predictions.

  • 2:10 - How does 2020 Clemson stack up against last year’s team?
  • 4:25 - What went wrong in the regular season loss to Notre Dame? Did it expose any weaknesses? What was so different in Clemson’s rematch win over Notre Dame?
  • 9:35 - Injury/player availability updates
  • 11:43 - Discussion of Coach Swinney ranking Ohio State No. 11 in the Coach's Poll
  • 21:56 - Clemson offense
  • 24:10 - Clemson defense
  • 26:00 - Keys to the game
  • 34:35 - Game predictions