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I’ll Keep This Short and Sweet...

It’s winning time, and Notre Dame doesn’t know anything about that.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: DEC 07 ACC Championship Game Photo by John Byrum/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

I’ve been wrestling with Notre Dame hate all week, and you know what, it’s pointless. It’s not that I don’t hate Notre Dame. Trust me, I’ve got nothing but hate for that trust fund school full of Midwesterners too good to be farmers, but too dumb to get into Northwestern and Yankees without enough pull to get into an Ivy League school, but enough money to buy their way into Notre Dame. The school that plays the “holier than thou (literally)” card at every opportunity and yet harbored the college football fugitive know as Lou Holtz for 11 NCAA violation infested years, deserves every ounce of scorn you can muster. It’s perfectly reasonable to wish nothing but ill on this “independent” team that will scurry back to playing service academies and whatever spare parts Clay Helton has assembled at Southern Cal and declare themselves “national powers” and “true blue bloods” because they dominated the leather helmet and segregation era of college football, but now is not the time.

No folks, this isn’t about the underachievers in shiny helmets on the other side of the field. They’re just another victim for Clemson. While this is their biggest game since Clemson laughed them off the field in their last “big game”, it’s business as usual for the Tigers. The ACC Championship is our domain. It’s cute that they knocked us off earlier in the year, but that upset is no different than Pitt knocking off Deshaun or Syracuse springing a trap in their God forsaken dome on a Thursday night. We might drop an occasional regular season game, but this is winning time, and Clemson doesn’t lose this time of year.

I can promise you this. I’m not even concerned. I only have a 6 pack on hand for the game, and I’ve got plans to finish raking the yard midway through the 4th quarter after I see D.J. throw his touchdown pass to a Swinney. Notre Dame thinks they’re in a “big game” but it takes two teams to make a “big game” and this is nothing for Clemson. It may as well be Pitt, or Virginia Tech, or Miami, or North Carolina across the field, because it doesn’t matter. Notre Dame knows all about “Championship Phase” Clemson. They’ve felt the humiliation of walking off the field after a 30-3 beatdown, knowing full well Dabo could have made it 60-3 if he felt the urge to prove a point, and they’ll feel it again today, but this time Dabo does have a point to make.

Let’s get after it boys.

I’ll be back next week when we have a more worthy opponent to hate.