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Clemson Commit Jake Briningstool Signs Letter of Intent to join Class of 2021

College Football Playoff National Championship - Clemson v LSU Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images

As we’ve detailed before, hitting the right numbers on the defensive line is critical, and defensive end Cade Denhoff helps Clemson hit those numbers at a high level. The Lakeland, FL prospect is a 6’4” 235 specimen, well suited to play defensive end at Clemson. Denhoff is a 4 star recruit and has a .9548 rating, good enough to be the 8th ranked prospect at his position.

The Tigers beat out Alabama and Auburn for Denhoff’s signature, and the effort was led by Lemanski Hall, one of his two recruits in this cycle.

TenDay’s take from his commitment:

Briningstool has the frame to grow into a sturdy tight end that presents a pass catching threat. Camp notebooks highlight his ability to create separation in the passing game, adjust to the ball in air, and his great hands. The family has stated culture was the most important factor in his commitment decision and the personalities involved appear to be a great fit. He would be Clemson’s latest recruiting coup out of Tennessee if he is able to reach his potential.