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ACC Power Rankings: Thankful Edition

Clemson returns, Georgia Tech handles Duke, and Syracuse comes up short against NC State.

NCAA Football: North Carolina State at Georgia Tech Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

#1 Notre Dame (9-0, 8-0) LW: #1 Next Game: 12/5 vs Syracuse 2:30 PM NBC.

North Carolina gave the Irish a tough run, but Notre Dame was victorious 31-17. This really was the last big hump for ND to get over in the regular season. Next week they’ll host hapless Syracuse. After that they travel to Wake Forest, who probably doesn’t have enough in the tank to pull off the upset. It’s looking very much like undefeated Notre Dame vs one loss Clemson will be your ACCCG.

#2 Clemson (8-1, 7-1) LW: #2 Next Game: 12/5 @ Virginia Tech 7:30 PM ABC.

Clemson dominated an overmatched opponent and the Gamecocks were blown out. Even in 2020, some Thanksgiving weekend traditions remain the same. Clemson’s defense is night and day better when James Skalski, Mike Jones Jr, and Tyler Davis are in the lineup. Still some OL issues that need to be sewed up, but I did see some promising things. Etienne had some holes to get through against a solid Pitt defensive line. It appears that Saturday will end the regular season in Blacksburg, unless something changes regarding a rescheduling with FSU.

#3 Miami (7-1, 6-1) LW: #3 Next Game: 12/5 @ Duke 8:00 PM ACCN.

After a series of postponements, it looks like the Canes are finally going to get to play Saturday. It will be at Duke after the Devils’ game with FSU got canceled.

#4 North Carolina (6-3, 6-3) LW: #4 Next Game: 12/5 vs WCU 12:00 PM ACCN.

#5 NC State (7-3, 6-3) LW: #5 Next Game: 12/5 vs Georgia Tech 4:00 PM ACCN.

The Pack held on to defeat Syracuse and continue their surprise season. They’ll host GT on Saturday.

#6 Boston College (6-4, 5-4) LW: #7 Next Game: 12/5 @ UVA 3:30 PM RSN.

BC survived a tough game with Louisville. The Eagles head to Charlottesville on Saturday.

#7 Wake Forest (4-3, 3-3) LW: #6 Next Game: 12/12 vs Notre Dame.

Will Wake ever get to play again? Who knows. They’re scheduled to host Notre Dame prior to the ACC Championship. We’ll see if that happens .

#8 Virginia (4-4, 3-4) LW: #9 Next Game: 12/5 vs Boston College 3:30 PM RSN.

Hoo, boy, UVA became the latest victim to late cancellation in Tallahassee. Just as Clemson experienced, UVA made the trip down to Florida State only to be told that the game isn’t going to happen. We’ll touch more on this from the FSU perspective shortly, but needless to say, the Cavs are frustrated.

Seems like the ACC is dropping the ball by waiting until Friday to do their tests. Really, a league-wide Thursday test could take care a lot of this, but at this point in the season we probably aren’t seeing change. We will see if UVA decides to take its frustrations out on BC like Clemson did to Pitt.

#9 Pitt (5-5, 4-5) LW: #8 Next Game: 12/10 @ Georgia Tech 7:00 PM RSN.

Hi, Pitt. Thanks for coming down and catching the brunt of angry Clemson. Hopefully no hard feelings. Actually, you know what, I’m still mad about 2016, so yeah, hard feelings. Since that game Clemson has outscored Pitt 94-27, and it has been beautiful. Looking forward to stomping y’all in the Steel City next season.

#10 Va Tech (4-5, 4-4) LW: #10 Next Game: 12/5 vs Clemson 7:30 PM ABC.

The Hokies did not play over the weekend. Va Tech hosts the Tigers on Saturday night. Weather in Blacksburg shows 29 degrees around kickoff with the possibility of snow.

#11 Georgia Tech (3-5, 3-4) LW: #11 Next Game: 12/5 @ NC State 4:00 PM ACCN.

The Jackets had a really nice win at home over Duke. Geoff Collins and the squad could put the league on notice with an upset of NC State.

#12 Louisville (3-7, 2-7) LW: #12.

Louisville ends their season with a 7-point loss to Boston College. a frustrating season for Scott Satterfield. Even with relaxed rules on bowl eligibility, I highly doubt we see the Cards in the post season.

#13 Duke (2-7, 1-7) LW: #14 Next Game: 12/5 vs Miami 8:00 PM ACCN.

The Devils fell 56-33 to Georgia Tech. Duke will continue this rough season by hosting Miami instead of the previously scheduled game with FSU.

#14 Syracuse (1-9, 1-8) LW: #15 Next Game: 2:30 PM @ Notre Dame NBC.

Man, Syracuse really gave NC State a run for their money but came up just short in heartbreaking fashion.

Absolutely brutal. Rex Culpepper spikes the ball during the potential tying drive on 4th down to lose the game. As if things can’t get worse for the Orange, they head to Notre Dame on Saturday.

#15 FSU (2-6, 1-6) LW: #14 Next Game: ???

The oddities of FSU’s season continue as the Noles canceled against UVA, once again after the opposing team had flown to Tallahassee. FSU had multiple positive tests announced Saturday after the Cavs had reached town. At this point, I think the best call is to shut it down for the season. They have already cancelled the FSU - Duke game that was scheduled for this weekend, and matched up Miami with the Blue Devils. UVA and Clemson are probably not going to even consider rescheduling at this point, and I can’t say that I blame them. Disappointing for the FSU players, but such is 2020.