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A Note Regarding The 6’6” Elephant in the Room

Get Well Soon

NCAA Football: Syracuse at Clemson Ken Ruinard-USA TODAY Sports

Trevor Lawrence tested positive for Covid-19 sometime last Wednesday, kicking off a series of events that led to nineteen-year-old DJ Uiagalelei starting against Boston College last Saturday, and against Notre Dame the next.

This article is not about the game this week or last, it’s about a twenty-two-year-old man who is sick right now. Trevor Lawrence did not have to play a snap this year. He could have opted out before the season and had a strong chance at being drafted #1 overall. There is life changing money to be had just from getting taken that high, even if you get stuck with the Jets.

Lawrence’s career would be a disappointment, branded a professional “bust” if he were to peak there. Since he entered high school it’s been clear that Trevor Lawrence was a generational QB prospect, someone who could go on to become an NFL MVP. He’s met and exceeded the lofty expectations of a #1 overall recruit. At times, such as against Alabama in the title game, he’s looked superhuman. A hotheaded and physical competitor on (and off) the field, he has the ability to make the impossible look easy.

Instead of opting out, Lawrence spearheaded the charge for his teammates to have a season. When Clemson plays against Notre Dame on Saturday, Trevor Lawrence personally helped to ensure that that could happen.

That’s why it sucks that he won’t get to be there. I’m not as worried about DJ as I was last week. I think Saturday could be a very fun game, but this just sucks.

It sucks worrying about what Lawrence will look like coming back from COVID. We still do not understand what recovery from this disease looks like all that well. Despite looking superhuman, Lawrence is a young man, with the same kinds of fallible organs we all carry. Fortunately, from what we understand, his symptoms are quite mild and according to Coach Swinney he would be returning to work on Thursday if he had a desk job.

I hate thinking that COVID-19 complications could cause Lawrence to slide on draft boards. I hate that we are in a season that Clemson has built toward for years, and instead of enjoying it fully, each week I am filled with a sense of dread waiting to see who tested positive.

Bring on the Irish, but say a prayer for the giant who helped get all of us far enough to have this season too.