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Clemson Tigers vs. Syracuse Orange: How To Watch, TV Schedule, Live Gamethread

Clemson v Syracuse Photo by Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images

After a simple dismantling of Georgia Tech, Clemson plays host to a hurt Syracuse team that should prove to be a simple challenge. Kickoff for this one is at noon so you’ll have plenty of time to get home for the evening slate. If you are watching at home you’ll be able to find this one on the ACC Network.

The first thing I’ll be looking for is to see how the team comes out. One thing Dabo has mentioned is how locked in the team is this year. I get the sense he is less worried about the team not showing up against an inferior opponent than past years. That should manifest itself with a quick lead today.

For the first team offense the thing to watch will always be the A gap running. Even against Syracuse it is worth taking a look at because Clemson hasn’t had much success this year. On defense we should see the DL continue to build on their experience and improve.

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