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We Want Your Football FanPosts!

And we have prizes for those who do!

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NCAA Football: Clemson Practice Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

We’re approaching the National Championship game, which means there’s tons to write about. I’ve already published Q&A and statistical in-depth previews (please check them out if you haven’t already), but there’s so much more to cover for previewing and recapping the game (especially if we win).

I’d like to encourage our readers to consider publishing FanPosts to share their thoughts and especially any research they may have dug into. They’ll appear on the right pane of the site just below the first five articles. Some may get pulled up and spotlit from there!

You should be able to click the link if you’re logged in to write and publish one:

Thanks to the National Bobblehead HOF and Museum reaching out to us regarding their release of a Watson/Renfrow combo bobblehead, we are able to give away a high-quality bobblehead manufactured by FOCO to one or two of you who author FanPosts. I will select winners based several factors including but not limited to the quality and relevance or the writing and engagement the post generates. If you like it and don’t want to submit a FanPost to try to win, consider supporting them by purchasing one:

To win, you will need to proactively email or tweet me after you publish it so I can take a look and have your contact information. If your email address doesn’t match your SB Nation username, remember to let me know who you are.

I also wanted to use this space to give an update on our Bowl Mania pool. Heading into the championship game, the standings show that two of our readers, CBB2019 and Etienne Etouffee, have a shot for a top two finish. If you’d like one of the prizes (Dabo Bobblehead or Ballpark Blueprint) you’ll need to email me by January 20th to give me your address.