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2019 Fiesta Bowl Clemson vs. Ohio State 1st Quarter Film Review

Tigers overcome sixteen point deficit to defeat Buckeyes

NCAA Football: College Football Playoff Semifinal-Ohio State vs Clemson Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

For awhile on Saturday night, it looked as if the Tigers magical 28 game winning streak might come to an end. Before they could even get anything going, they were down 16-0, and without leading wideout Tee Higgins after he’d left early injured. This Tiger team kept coming though, and the rest as they say, is history.

OSU Ball, Buckeye 25 15:00

  • 1st & 10: WR screen Justin Fields to KJ Hill, gain of 9. TE seals off Simmons, well blocked
  • 2nd & 1: OSU using tempo, Fields hits Binjimin Victor on quick out, gains 8. Nice open field tackle by AJ Terrell
  • 1st & 10 OSU 42: Tigers showing blitz, JK Dobbins picks up 4
  • 2nd & 6 OSU 46: Tigers show blitz, but back out. Fields hits TE Luke Farrell over the middle for 11. Fields threw that one in tight window, right by Simmons
  • 1st & 10 CU 43: Fields hits Chris Olave on left sideline, gains 16. AJ falls down in coverage, first of many player slips we see on the night
  • 1st & 10 CU 27: FIelds hits Garrett Wilson down right sideline, gain of 22. Fantastic catch by Wilson against tight coverage by Derion Kendrick. Initially ruled incomplete, but overturned
  • 1st & Goal CU 5: Fields hits Dobbins out of backfield, loss of 2. Fields only option was Dobbins, everything else was covered
  • 2nd & Goal CU 7: Dobbins picks up 2, but slips as he tries to turn the corner around the right side
  • 3rd & Goal CU 4: Fields forced from pocket, tries to hit Olave but AJ knocks it away in end zone. Great play.
  • Buckeyes settle for 21 yd FG. Tigers continue their stingy play in red zone, which turned into huge factor in this game

Ohio State 3 Clemson 0

Clemson Ball, CU 25 12:03

  • 1st & 10: Travis Etienne picks up 8 on the option pitch
  • 2nd & 2 CU 33: Trevor Lawrence hits Tee Higgins over the middle, gain of 21
  • 1st & 10 OSU 46: QB Keeper, no gain
  • 2nd & 10: OSU 46: Free play, Chase Young jumps. Lawrence tries to hit Higgins downfield, incomplete. Higgins helmet comes off, and he’s shaken up. Seems his that helmet came off a little easy. Losing Higgins was a big loss
  • 2nd & 10 OSU 46: Sprint out from Lawrence who ends up passing it off to Overton, gain of 3. Well defended.
  • 3rd & 7 OSU 43: Lawrence fakes the pitch, keeps it and gets the 1st down. Key block from Braden Galloway.
  • 1st & 10 CU 35: Quick out to Justyn Ross, gains 3
  • 2nd & 7: CU 32: Lawrence looking for Ross, almost picked off, and probably should have been
  • 3rd & 7 CU 32: Lawrence can’t hook up with Overton. Buckeyes CB was holding but still could have been caught
  • Potter misses from 49 yards wide right

OSU Ball, Buckeye 32 8:35

  • Dobbins goes 68 yards... TD

XT doesn’t crash down and is hung out to dry and Wallace takes a terrible angle.

Ohio State 10 Clemson 0

Clemson Ball, CU 22 8:31

  • 1st & 10: ETN no gain, hit hard
  • 2nd & 10 CU 22: Lawrence chased from pocket and ETN drops the pass
  • 3rd & 10 CU 22: Lawrence chased again, this time finds Overton as he’s hit, gains 27. Another DB slips down
  • Tigers only pick up 6 more yards and punt 3 plays later. On 3rd down, Lawrence had Amari Rodgers open but the pass was batted down.

OSU Ball, Buckeye 9 5:50

  • 1st & 10: Dobbins picks up 1
  • 2nd & 14 OSU 5: (False start) Swing pass to Austin Mack off play fake no gain. Well covered. Tigers swarm Mack after the catch.
  • 3rd & 14 OSU 5: Fields hits KJ Hill on an out route, gains 15. Nolan Turner in position to make play, but takes a bad angle and Hill goes by him
  • 1st & 10 OSU 20: Dobbins picks up 1. Skalski sheds a block to make the tackle.
  • 2nd & 9 OSU 21: K’von Wallace jumps the route and drops a sure pick 6
  • 3rd & 9 OSU 21: Fields is sacked. Justin Foster gets there first and Skalski finished it up, Buckeyes punt.

Clemson Ball, CU 47 2:47

  • Tigers go 3 and out after a false start on 1st down, punt

OSU Ball, Buckeye 20 0:49

  • 1st & 10: Fields pass behind KJ Hill, incomplete
  • 2nd & 10 OSU 20: Fields hits Garrett Wilson on a quick out, gains 8.
  • 3rd & 2 OSU 28: Dobbins breaks free again, picks up 64. Tanner Muse with a lot of hustle to catch him from behind and just trip him up. Simmons gets completely sealed off and Justin Mascoll is way out of position.

End of quarter