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Take Valley Week 2 - ETN Will Rock You

Somebody better put you back into your place.

NCAA Football: Georgia Tech at Clemson Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back, one and all, to the Valley of Takes.

Last week, we entered the valley to find the nice ripe take of moving Tanner Muse to linebacker, but low hanging fruit of predicting just how miserably Clemson would beat Georgia Tech. Not only was it 52-14, but Clemson also decided to show Georgia Tech how to run the ball with over 400 yards at 8.4 yards a carry.

This week, we take a bit of a different approach, and with that a different order. First up, we’ll go with the long-term take.

If a Clemson player wins the Heisman in 2019, it won’t be Trevor Lawrence.

Look, Trevor Lawrence is great, probably the best player in college football, but I personally don’t think he’s going to win the Heisman. It just seems to me that the player with all the hype coming into the year is rarely the on that ends up holding the trophy.

Heisman voters and fans alike have been complaining for years about how much of a “quarterback’s award” the Heisman has become. Pair that with your typical Heisman voter’s knee-jerk need to vote for the flashiest player on the best team, often submitting their ballots before the final month of the season, and you’re given an obvious choice among Clemson players.

If a Tiger gets it, it’ll be Runbalaya, the Grambling Wreck from near Lafayette, Spicy Wayne Gallman himself, Travis Etienne. Granted it’s just been one game, but Etienne’s current pace is for over 2400 yards and 36 TDs in the regular season (on 144 carries).

We all know he probably won’t keep up that pace, but as of right now you can’t say that for sure! Checkmate.

Now, before we move on, let’s watch this man accelerate, because I want to

This shouldn’t be possible
One of his 12 carries vs GT

He’s fast.

Now, let’s move on to our take for this week, it’s an oldie but a goodie, especially if you know me or the crusades I go on while abusing the good name of this website on twitter.

Use “We Will Rock You” as Clemson’s main crowd-hype song

Clemson’s about to host Texas A&M in what will probably be the biggest home game in the last couple years and every time one of these games happens, I always feel a tiny bit awkward. In the plethora of traditions that Clemson has, it doesn’t have a mainstream (non-marching band) song that’s it’s latched onto and it doesn’t have all that many chants.

Sure, we play “Jump Around” at big moments and the one time the stadium speakers belted out “No Sleep Till Brooklyn” as the Power Rangers took the field might have collapsed an upper deck had it occurred during a night game. But those moments don’t feel like “Clemson” to me, they’re just stadium songs played so you can go crazy to a soundtrack. Every once in a while, a school finds their song, and Clemson’s happened in 2009 vs FSU.

While extremely dated, that video is a wonderful time capsule of 2009 for Clemson football and how much excitement filled every game. C.J. Spiller was in the midst of an electrifying season, and the team was on a win streak that included an OT win at #8 Miami. Now the Tigers were back home to host Bobby Bowden one final time, handing him a 40-24 loss. Clemson wouldn’t feel like this again until early 2011 or 2015.

There is no better crowd chant song than that song, especially for Clemson. Here’s why:

  1. We all know it - Everyone on Earth knows this song. You may say it’s cliche, but isn’t familiarity exactly what you want in a good chant? You don’t have to teach it to anyone but toddlers, and even then the chant is just 4 easy words.
  2. Rock imagery - C’mon, this one so easy. Clemson has a legendary rock. Clemson likes to boast about the mystical powers of said rock. Clemson should sing a song with the word rock in it. (Also hire The Rock as an assistant S&C coach)
  3. The guitar solo - Self-explanatory.
  4. It’s interactive - Who attends football games? That’s right, old people, drunk people, and kids. Who likes stomping and clapping? That’s right, old people, drunk people, and kids.
  5. It’s unclaimed - “Jump Around” is Wisconsin’s thing, “Country Roads” is West Virginia’s, “Enter Sandman” is Virginia Tech. But who can claim “We Will Rock You”? No one! Gotta act fast before one of these other teams with a fancy rock takes it.

Play it in that empty space between the Hill run and kickoff. Play it when there’s a timeout or huddle before a big 3rd down. Play it when the crowd has to help the defense ward off an enemy team that’s managed its way into the Clemson red zone. Play it.

This take is not an attempt to recreate that moment in 2009, but instead to acknowledge that that moment was Clemson’s “Harry Potter picking up the right wand” moment for finding its stadium song, but Clemson didn’t keep it. Sure, it’s come back to the song now and again, but never with any regularity.

Fulfill your destiny Clemson, rock them.

Send me hot, cold, or like icky mushy/warm takes to @STSouthland, @JuanFabulous, in the comments below, or to my email at and try to keep them Clemson, or ACC, or CFB related. And I don’t think Brian will notice if they get weird.