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Georgia Tech at Clemson Q3-Q4 Film Review

Georgia Tech v Clemson Photo by Mike Comer/Getty Images

Welcome back to our first film review of the season. Both the third and fourth quarter wrapped up without much trouble, so this first film review will contain both of them.

Starting the season with a blowout over an ACC opponent is always a good thing. With the weapons Clemson has on offense this year and a defense that remains talented, this was a good first game to knock off some of the rust and give the coaches more actual game film to work with heading into Week 2.

For the third quarter reviews, they won’t have the depth regarding formations that were shown near the end of the season due to both

For now, we start in the third quarter, where Clemson started out on defense first with a comfortable 28-0 lead:

3rd Quarter: Georgia Tech 0, Clemson 28

Georgia Tech Possession

(15:00) - GT receives the ball after a 65-yard touchback kick by B.T. Potter

(14:10) - Following a two-yard gain, Georgia Tech quarterback Tobias Oliver is sacked by defensive tackle Nyles Pinckney.

(13:19) Following Pinckney sack, Oliver taken down for a three-yard loss.

(13:11) GT punt on fourth down by Pressley Harvin III for 46 yards. Fair catch by Derion Kendrick at the Clemson 40.

*We start to see the defensive line become more active and provide further pressure in the second half once they adjusted and saw that Georgia Tech is pretty much still an option-team.

Clemson Possession

13:00 - Travis Etienne carries for 12 yards to the GT 48 for a first-down

12:42 - Travis Etienne breaks through for a 48-yard touchdown run. Tremendous blocks from both Gage Cervanka (59) and John Simpson (74). Extra Point attempt successful by BT Potter.

(Drive Breakdown: 2 plays, 60 yards, 0:29)

Etienne caps off his night here, continuing to the trend of making such an impact with only 12 carries. Last season, ETN only eclisped 20 carries twice all season (including playoffs). If he keeps this up a similar situation could occur.

Score: Georgia Tech 0, Clemson 35

Georgia Tech Possession

12:42 - BT 65 yard kickoff for touchback.

12:33 - Taking over at the GT 25, the Yellow Jackets complete a 54-yard pass from Oliver to Jerry Howard to the Clemson 21.

12:02 - 12-yard run by Jordan Mason to the Clemson 7 for a 1st down.

11:40 - Mason finds the endzone, capping off GT’s first scoring drive of the game.

Drive Breakdown: (3 Plays, 75 yards, 1:02)

Score: Georgia Tech 7, Clemson 35

Clemson Possession

(11:40) - Following a 60-yard kick and 18-yard return by Joseph Ngata, Clemson takes over at their 23-yard line.

(11:27) Clemson is able to drive down to their own 47-yard line thanks to a heavy dose of Lyn-J Dixon, who pulled off runs of 17, 3, and 4.

(10:00) Following these runs, Trevor Lawrence completes a 20-yard pass to freshman Jaelyn Lay. With no Braden Galloway, Clemson doesn’t have a known pass-catcher at tight end. Lay could see some opportunities on passing downs.

8:08 - Following some brief carries by Darien Reicher, Lyn-J Dixon scores from 18-yards out to continue cementing the Tigers’ blowout. Extra point attempt by BT Potter is good.

*Seeing Dixon run with the starters effectively should be a huge boon for Clemson, as many assume Feaster’s transfer was likely due to an increased workload from the former. Dixon runs light on his feet and has demonstrated good speed in the open field. While his pass protection remains in question, Dixon provides Clemson with a good change of pace back who has the burst in the open field that neither Adam Choice or Tavien Feaster possessed.

Score: Georgia Tech 7, Clemson 42

Georgia Tech Possession

6:21 - Following three runs of 6, 2, and 3 yards by Georgia Tech, Oliver gets intercepted by Tanner Muse, who returns it to the Georgia Tech 21.

Clemson Possession

Enter backup quarterback Chase Brice, which signals the end of the night for Lawrence.

(4:23) Clemson forced to punt after an unsuccessful drive that culminated in a dropped incomplete pass from Brice to receiver Brannon Spector.

Georgia Tech Possession

(3:07) Following a three and out, the Yellow Jackets are forced to punt yet again, with Kendrick receiving a fair catch at the Clemson 33.

Clemson Possession

(2:54) - Runs by freshman running backs Chaz Mellusi and Michel Dukes, coupled with a 12-yard completion from Brice to Ngata take Clemson to the end of the quarter into GT terriotory at the 21-yard line.

End of 3rd: Georgia Tech 7, Clemson 42

4th Quarter

(14:54) - Brice completes a 21-yard touchdown pass to freshman Frank Ladson. The catch was Ladson’s first of his collegiate career. The extra point attempt from Potter is good.

Drive Breakdown: 7 plays, 67 yards, 3:13

*With these skill players, Brice is probably one of the most valued backup quarterbacks in college football.

Score: Georgia Tech 7, Clemson 49

(14:54) - GT returns 65-yard kick to the GT 10-yard line

(10:33) James Graham completes 28-yard pass to Ahmarean Brown. Extra point attempt is good.

Drive Breakdown: 9 plays, 90 yards, 4:21

Score: Georgia Tech 14, Clemson 49

(10:33) - Clemson receives ball at Clem 25-yard line after 8-yard return by Dixon.

(6:11) - BT Potter nails career-long 51-yard field goal, solidying a pretty solid opening victory.

Drive Breakdown: 9 plays, 41 yards, 4:22

FINAL: Georgia Tech 14, Clemson 52

Overall, a very solid opening night for the Tigers on both sides. Potter’s 51-yarder was a perfect signature to end the night. It should provide a sigh of relief for those that questioned if the sophomore could add kicking accuracy to his already strong leg. If Potter demonstrates continued accuracy beyond 40 yards, it could provide Clemson that much-needed edge at kicker in close games that it hasn’t had in several years.

Now, on to Week Two and the Texas A&M Aggies.