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Charlotte at Clemson: 2nd Quarter Review

Clemson hosted a party for Charlotte and Disney, and everyone got to play.

Charlotte v Clemson Photo by Mike Comer/Getty Images

Charlotte came to town featuring an offense that had yet to put fewer than 40 points on the board through their first three games. They didn’t come close to reaching that against the new look Tiger defense. It was the 49ers first trip to Death Valley, and it is one they aren’t likely to forget anytime soon.

The Tigers scored on their second offensive play of the game and never looked back. We pick it up at the start of the 2nd quarter (1Q Film Review Here) with Clemson already up 17-0 and having the ball 1st and Goal from the 49er 2-yard line.

Considering how this one played out, we are going to just go drive by drive and hit the highlights. With the lopsided score, and the mass substitutions that started early in the 2nd quarter, there is really no need in going play by play.

Clemson 17 Charlotte 0

CU Ball, 1st & Goal, 49er 2, 15:00

First play of the quarter and Trevor Lawrence hits Cornell Powell on an out route for the TD. Powell faked the slant and got his man to bite on it. Easy pitch and catch.

Clemson 24 Charlotte 0

49er Ball, 1st & 10, 49er 25, 14:30

5 plays 23 yards, 2:38 Punt

Charlotte picks up 16 on 1st down, but can’t get anything going after. Justin Foster sacks 49er QB Chris Reynolds for a loss of 3 on 2nd down, and they can’t convert on 3rd down. Facing 4th and 3 at their own 48, they go for it and can’t convert, as KJ Henry bats the pass down.

CU Ball, 1st & 10, 49er 48, 12:18

9 plays 48 yards, 3:47, Touchdown

Chase Brice takes over at QB. Travis Etienne carries the ball 5 times on the 9 play drive and finishes it off with the 2 yard TD run.

Clemson 31 Charlotte 0

49er Ball, 1st & 10, 49er 25, 8:08

9 plays 68 yards, 4:04, FG

Charlotte gets on the board with a FG on this one. The 49ers got an 18 yard run by Aaron McAllister and a 15 yard run from Benny LeMay on their first two plays. A late hit by Baylon Spector on the LeMay run gives them 15 more yards.

After a holding call and a TFL by Xavier Thomas backed them up, it looked like the Tiger D had forced a FG attempt from the 23, but a personal foul call on Derion Kendrick gives them a new set of downs at the CU 11. They could get no further than the 7 and had to settle for three.


Clemson 31 Charlotte 3

CU Ball, 1st & 10 CU 31, 4:27

7 plays 69 yards, 3:03, Touchdown

One of the big plays of this drive was Chase Brice hitting Diondre Overton for an 18-yard gain.

Another was Lyn-J Dixon picking up 18 more on the next play.

And Dixon would finish it off in style.

Clemson 38 Charlotte 3

49er Ball, 1st & 10, 49er 2, 1:24

2 plays 5 yards, 1:24, End of Half

Charlotte’s return man attempted to catch the kickoff at the 2 and dropped the ball out of bounds. Two Benny LeMay runs for a total of 5 yards takes us to halftime,