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Clemson Ranked #1 in Preseason SB Nation FanPulse Poll

College Football Playoff National Championship Presented By AT&T - Alabama v Clemson Photo by Jamie Schwaberow/Getty Images

This year SB Nation is excited to launch the FanPulse Top 25 and in the inaugural preseason poll Clemson is ranked #1. The entire poll can be found in the graphic below.

For those of you that missed it, FanPulse is designed to be a top 25 comprised of ballots from readers of SB Nation’s team sites. Everyone that signs up will be emailed a ballot to fill out each week to help contribute to the overall ranking. We’ll also have site-specific rankings so you can see what we as a site think the top 25 really is. Below is the preseason top 25 for STS.

  1. Clemson
  2. Alabama
  3. Georgia
  4. Oklahoma
  5. Ohio State
  6. Michigan
  7. Notre Dame
  8. Texas
  9. Texas A&M
  10. Florida
  11. LSU
  12. Oregon
  13. Washington
  14. Penn State
  15. Utah
  16. UCF
  17. Wisconsin
  18. Auburn
  19. Iowa
  20. Northwestern
  21. Iowa State
  22. Miami
  23. Michigan State
  24. Syracuse
  25. Nebraska

AARV: Virginia Tech, Virginia, Washington State, Army, Boise State

If you’re interested in joining there is still time. Head to this link to SIGN UP HERE.