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Clemson Football Spring Game Swag Grades

Can anyone ever top Cordrea Tankersley’s legendary 2017 ‘fit?

CFP National Championship Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

We’re a week removed from the Spring Game, and while the action on the field was certainly compelling, there was plenty going on off the field that drew our eye.

Dabo Swinney, Jeff Scott, and the coaching staff welcomed some key 2020 recruits to campus, but we couldn’t ignore the swagger on display from former Tigers and some of the other visitors.

So we thought we’d sum it up for y’all. We are pleased to present the STS inaugural Cordrea Tankersley Honorary Spring Game Swag Grades. Why named after Tank?

Yeah, no one is ever beating this.

So, here are your Swag Ratings!

2018 Outgoing Class

Tre Lamar: 4/5 swag. Looking pretty swag tastic with the Guess tshirt and continuing to be enormous.

Kendall Joseph: 4/5 swag. Nirvana tee and jeans. Do I automatically move him into the top 3 bc I’m a sucker for 90s nostalgia? I’m not *not* gonna do that.

Hunter Renfrow: 3/5 swag. Dad swag personified. Interview humility while wearing an understated CFP tshirt to remind us he’s the king.

Austin Bryant: 5/5 swag. NBA Jam tee (which he later divulged to Marty Smith was a freebie at a Hornets game). AB’s ring ceremony celebrations elevated his swagger.

Christian Wilkins: 2.5/5 swag. The man oozes charisma, so we’re grading him on a curve. Dri-fit and backwards cap wasn’t it today. <3 you anyway CW42

Clelin Ferrell: 3.5/5 swag. Plain white tee. Understated and clean. Unlike the pockets he will be collapsing in 5 months.

Dexter Lawrence: 3.5/5 swag. Plain white tee. Can’t believe Clemson’s ring makers used up Earth’s remaining stores of white gold to craft ornaments large enough to encircle Dex’s massive digits.

Greg Huegel 5/5 swag: The kicker came out as a surprise leader in the swag department, but man did he drip hard. The Prince t-shirt and John Lennon sunglasses were a great touch. He also showed off his Apple Watch, which isn’t exactly my thing, but I gotta appreciate the subtle flex.

Jaylen Williams 4/5 swag: 90’s nostalgia is big right now, and Jaylen leaned in hard with the Beavis & Butthead shirt and a Pokémon trainer hat. Individually, they’re some solid pieces, but combining them shows commitment to the look.

Trevion Thompson 5/5 swag: Trevion had an eye popping look with his yellow bandanna and fresh shades. A nice chain and dope shirt bring this together.

The Davis Twins 2/5 swag: A little shocked the Davis twins just went with standard team issued shirts. From what I’ve seen on social media they have some pretty fire jerseys, so I was hoping they’d bust some out, but I guess they wanted to go conservative. Sunglasses game is strong, though.

Chris Register 3/5 swag: Chris had a good, understated look. Well fitting black v neck and Ray-Ban Wayfarers are always a nice touch.

Clemson Old Heads

Eric Mac Lain: 3/5 swag. Checkered jacket & tattersall, had to come w the business casual for his new analyst job.

Vic Beasley: 3.5/5 swag. Since he and Mike Williams were honorary coaches, they get a pass on sporting school issued Nike l/s tees. Vic brought the shades and chain and generally carried himself with swagger.

Mike Williams: 3/5 swag. Dread game strong.

Media folks

Shaun Alexander 4/5 swag: The NFL Legend and former Bama great was in town to see the National Champs, rocking a houndstooth blazer to represent for his alma mater. I’m obviously not a Bama guy, but I do appreciate a nice subtle flex. Nice jacket, not over the top Bammer. Well played, Shaun.

Kirk Herbstreit: 2.5/5 swag. 2 points for the fresh bomber. -2 for the Oakleys.

Marty Smith: 2.5/5 swag. redneck Ryan Seacrest (all due respect implied!) is known to swag it up, and his suit game is usually on point. Grading on a curve for him too.

Joey Galloway: 2/5 swag. Didn’t see much from Joey to warrant more than the 2 points.


DJ Uiagalelei: 5/5 swag. Nice fit from DJ. Crucifix chain, good shirt, and a White Sox fitted for that Eazy E look. Also, DJ took time from his day to sign some autographs for fans. You know you’re big time when you’re signing autographs for fans from a school you haven’t committed to (yet). Good look from the California prospect.

RJ Mickens 4/5 swag: Clemson’s new safety commit had a fresh vintage Kodak shirt on. 90’s nostalgia ftw again.


The Swagfather: 81/5 swag. Dabo showed the most swagger of all with the ring ceremony mic drop heard round the world.

The ceremony presented a nice little intermission from Dabo holding court during the Clemson program infomercial that was the ESPN broadcast.