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Where in the World is Dabo Swinney?

Putting that new contract to work

NCAA Football: College Football Playoff National Championship-Clemson Celebration Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

Dabo was already having a heck of an offseason. In addition to putting together an excellent recruiting class, the coach of the reigning champions had eaten Big Macs at the White House and signed a record-breaking contract extension worth ninety-three million dollars. Now, he’s on an epic sports-themed vacation with his sons.

Saturday Dabo attended the Houston vs. Golden State game three, with the Rockets winning in overtime. Monday he watched a Cardinals game in St. Louis and checked back in with a club he visited in spring training. Tuesday, he was in Toronto for a playoff game between the Raptors and 76ers. Drake didn’t take a photo in a Clemson shirt, so I think we’re good on the curse front, but we cut it real close. Dabo even got onto the court and showed off a YMCA jump shot before the game.

Dabo, a former SEC wide receiver, was once and might still be a better athlete than almost everyone reading this. He seems to be able to play basketball pretty well. The dude still dribbles like a gym teacher though, we have to be objective here and admit this.

Dabo followed up his night in Toronto with a Milwaukee double header, going to both a Brewers game and the Bucks playoff clincher, and got a photo in with Aaron Rodgers for good measure. Thursday Dabo attended a Cubs game and while I cannot explain to you why he’s hitting up the NL Central, I also think it was smart to skip the Pirates and the Reds. At no point has the home team lost a game Dabo has attended, and we’re all glad to see him living his best life.