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Clemson WR Amari Rodgers Injures Knee and Needs Surgery

Clemson v Boston College Photo by Omar Rawlings/Getty Images

Monday afternoon Clemson WR Amari Rodgers sustained a significant knee injury during spring practice. After being carted off the field and undergoing an MRI he was diagnosed with a torn ACL that will require knee surgery to repair. Tigernet first confirmed the news with other reporters following suit while we wait for Clemson to officially announce the injury.

As of right now there is no timetable for Amari’s return, but ACL repairs typically take anywhere from 6-12 months for a player to fully recover come. It depends on the player, his rehab, and even a bit of luck. One thing that Amari does have in his favor is the new redshirt rule. If he is ready he could test the knee in a September game without using up eligibility, though he certainly may be leaving after 3 seasons regardless.

For Clemson this is a blow even with all of the talent available to #WRU. Amari Rodgers is a proven threat in this Clemson offense and has built a strong rapport with QB Trevor Lawrence. That isn’t something that will be easily replaced. But the good news for Clemson is there will be plenty of time to buil a new rapport and plenty of talent. According to Dabo’s comments after practice on Monday the freshman receivers are fitting in nicely and established veterans will also be able to step up to should the load while Rodgers recovers.