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ACC Power Rankings: Week 14

This week we’re thankful for another Clemson win, the hilarity of Miami football, and a new Coastal challenger.

Virginia Tech v Virginia Photo by Ryan M. Kelly/Getty Images

#1 Clemson (12-0, 8-0) (LW:#1)

Ahhhh. The sweet smell of Six-cess. Saturday was beautiful. Clemson easily covers, and would’ve had a shutout if not for some good old fashioned Will Muschamp trickeration and an early, sad field goal. Also, Clemson fans turned Willy Brice into Death Valley South.

Oh, and if you haven’t seen Muschamp was saaallllty with the media.

Sheesh. Lighten up, William. It’s just a game. But fortunately it appears that Sakerlina fans were somehow able to watch Clemson’s walk of champions without throwing anything, partially due to the student section being half full at that time. To be fair, if Sakerlina students were choosing to watch the other team warm up over trying to get their buzz on before a noon game, I’d be more vexed. All in all, a great way to cap the regular season, and get ready for our feast on the white meat of the ACC, the University of Virginia Cavaliers.

#2 Notre Dame (10-2, 5-0 vs ACC) (LW:#2)

ND looked a bit sluggish to start off, but the Irish rolled on to a 45-24 win over a bad Stanford team. Sitting at 10-2, the Irish can probably find themselves playing in a NY6 bowl. Oh, and apparently Notre Dame-Stanford is a trophy game.

Well, either that’s the rivalry trophy or someone stole a piece of chrystal from a Stanford parent’s tailgate and it made it’s way to Notre Dame’s postgame celebration. I’ll believe either story.

#3 Virginia (9-3, 6-2) (LW:#4)

If you’re a 16 year old in Charlottesville, this is a pretty big year for you. You got your drivers license AND you finally saw the Cavs knock off Virginia Tech. Wahoo fans will now be planning their trip to the ACC Championship for the first time. I feel for the workers at Bank of America Stadium who will certainly be bombarded by phone calls this week from Virginia fans with questions about the stadium’s wine selection, if the stadium has Zima on tap, and if there’s valet service so they don’t have to park the Tahoe too far away. Should be a fun time facing the Hoos for the first time since 2013.

#4 Virginia Tech (8-4, 5-3) (LW:#3)

It had to happen eventually. UVA was finally able to break through and knock off the Hokies after a 15 game losing streak. The Hokies’ Coastal dreams are over and they’ll be awaiting their bowl bid.

#5 Louisville (7-5, 5-3) (LW:#5)

Okay bare with me, because the rankings are gonna get weird because it’s hard to move some of these teams that lost because so many teams lost. Louisville got absolutely ran off the field by rival Kentucky. In 2016, the Wildcats proved to be a thorn in the side of even Petrino’s best team, so this isn’t too shocking. Not the most fun way to end such a pleasant surprise of a season, but the Cards can redeem themselves in bowl season. But, there is something else to address. Scott Satterfield appeared to be upset about Kentucky players making the Louisville “L” symbol upside down, and addressed UK coach Mark Stoops about it.

Scott, look man, a lot of us here are rooting for you. We miss having a competitive team in the ACC. Clemson-Louisville games used to be fun, gameday worthy matchups. But don’t be this coach. Y’all have had your share of unlikeable coaches with Bobby Petrino, and then Rick Pitino in basketball. The Atlantic has it’s braying donkey coach in Dave Doeren. Have you seen what happened with Texas protesting against “horns down?” It’s become a meme even among fans that don’t play them. I’m all for standing up for your school, but don’t make this the hill you want to die on.

#6 Wake Forest (8-4, 4-4) (LW:#6)

Wake Forest lost to Syracuse because I’m pretty sure the ACC decided if they can’t beat Clemson, they’ll just tank our schedule. Anyway, the ending was a bit unusual

So, the smart play for Cuse would’ve been for the defender to just to kneel it and end it. But, when you’re a defensive player on a bad team playing your last game, I understand the desire to get that elusive touchdown.

#7 North Carolina (6-6, 4-4) (LW:#10)

North Carolina pounded NC State 41-10 to earn win #6 and go bowling. The turn around for UNC has been phenomenal as well, and you’ve got to think Mack Brown isn’t too far away from an ACC Coastal division title.

#8 Boston College (6-6, 4-4) (LW:#11)

Boston College knocked off Pitt 26-19 to go bowling, but sadly Yahoo Sports has reported that Steve Adazio still got the axe Sunday from the athletic department. I really don’t know what’s the right move for that program. BC captured lightning in a bottle in the mid 2000’s having Matt Ryan at QB and Jeff Jagodzynski coaching, and really is still paying for letting Jags go over the New York Jets interview. BC has some similiar challenges to a school like Duke or Georgia Tech, but doesn’t have those schools benefits of being in a place that is college sports crazy with a plethora of top tier recruits in the neighborhood. Adazio got the Eagles ranked as high as #17 in 2018 before a three game skid and cancelled bowl game ended their season. It’s understandable for BC fans to want more, but who becomes there next coach will be a fun story to watch.

#9 Pitt (7-5, 4-4) (LW:#7)

Pitt fell 26-19 to BC, putting a disappointing cap on a regular season where Pitt had legit division title aspirations. Pat Narduzzi will get a shot to get the Panthers to 8 wins with a bowl game, but given the Boston College news, the temperature on his seat may have gone up a few degrees.

#10 Miami (6-6, 4-4) (LW:#8)

Fortunately it’s only year one for Manny Diaz, because the end to this Miami season has been not good. The Canes followed up their loss to FIU by losing 27-17 to a Duke team that had appeared to have given up a few weeks ago. A bottom tier bowl will provide the Canes some extra practices that will be beneficial, but the U has a lot to improve on.

#11 Florida State (6-6, 4-4) (LW:#9)

As expected, the Florida Gators thoroughly stomped FSU 40-14. A six win season in Tallahassee isn’t ever fun, but going 0-2 against Miami and the Gators makes it sting so much more.

#12 Syracuse (5-7, 2-6) (LW:#12)

Good for the ‘Cuse as they knocked off Wake in overtime. This season has been painfully disappointing for the Orangemen, but this is a good way to build momentum into the offseason

#13 Duke (5-7, 3-5) (LW:#13)

Duke knocks off the Canes 27-17, and they will now wait. While Duke is below the minimum 6 wins needed to go bowling, if not all the bowls are filled, the committees look to 5 win teams with high APRs and have them fill the slots, so the Devils’ season may not be over quite yet.

#14 Georgia Tech (3-9, 2-6) (LW:#14)

Year one for Geoff Collins ended about like expected, including a 52-7 drubbing at the hands of UGA. A Dawgs’ muffed punt and an onside kick gave the Jackets a chance to hang around early in the game, but they couldn’t capitalize. But hey, never say Tech doesn’t go down swinging!

You know the old saying “if you can’t beat ‘em, get one of their best players suspended for their game with LSU.”

#15 NC State (4-8, 1-7) (LW:#15)

UNC easily ran over the Pack, which is usually a pleasure reserved for basketball season. Mercifully for State fans, this season is over for them. 2020 could be a make or break year for Dave Doeren.