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Clemson Basketball: Clemson vs Alabama A&M Preview (Game in Progress)

If Clemson doesn’t win, the basketball program needs to be sold off for parts.

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: NOV 10 Colgate at Clemson Photo by John Byrum/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Not going to lie, I totally forgot there was a game today.

Clemson (3-1) vs Alabama A&M (0-4)

Where: Littlejohn Coliseum

When: Right Now - 7 pm EST


Preview (even though the game is being played right now)

This is another game that doesn’t merit a deep dive. Alabama A&M is not a good basketball team. Clemson may not be a great basketball team, they may not even be a good basketball team, but they’re in a totally different league than Alabama A&M.

This game should be similar to the last time Clemson played a team from Alabama. The Tigers are bigger, faster, stronger, and better at playing basketball.

I’m looking for a few key points in this game

  • Consistent Shooting

It doesn’t matter how bad Alabama A&M is at basketball. Shooting is shooting. Granted, it’s easier to hit open shots, but still, Clemson has to hit open shots. I would love to see Hunter Tyson, in particular, come out and drain a few from deep. The last game was encouraging, now let’s see some consistency.

  • End It Early

If Alabama A&M is within 10 points at the half, I’m going to go ahead and consider this a loss. Clemson needs to show they can ice a team in the first half when they have the opportunity.

  • Mack and Simms

I mentioned this in my last preview, but the only way Clemson is going to make any noise this year is if both Tevin Mack and Aamir Simms consistently bring their A game. They’ll be the best players on the court. I want to see them assert themselves and dominate the game.


This game won’t do any favors for Clemson’s strength of schedule. If they don’t win this game, Brad Brownell should quit at mid court and the entire team should be scrapped for whoever won the intramural championship.


Kenpom: 81-52 - Clemson (99.6% Confidence)

Drew: 92-57 - Clemson